Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New Ionics 'Grafter' Water Fed Poles

The GRAFTER is a completely new range of waterfed poles, designed specifically for residential window cleaning. Grafter poles are made from a glass carbon fibre mix, which makes them ideal for low to mid-level cleaning. Because of the very short collapsed length, they are particularly easy to use at ground level, and readily stored in any vehicle. Hard wearing and light-weight, the grafter is the ideal robust and affordable residential pole. The Grafter PLUS features the same short collapsed length as the standard grafter, but has greater carbon fibre content in all extendible sections. Therefore, it is easier to use (especially at heights above 25ft), more rigid and harder wearing. All Grafter poles come complete with a 12” residential brush as standard. Upgrade to a LedgerTM brush for an additional £11. NOTE: All weights and dimensions include brush-head assembly and hose. More info here.

The Glyder is a full carbon pole, manufactured from high grade carbon fibre. Not only does this give the Glyder superb rigidity, but also enables it to be very hard wearing without sacrificing on weight. Those who try the Glyder find that it is the perfect combination of rigidity and lightness, making it the ultimate pole for residential cleaning. The excellent rigidity makes the Glyder the pole of choice for cleaning at awkward angles, easily reaching over obstacles while remaining fully controllable. A short collapsed length makes the Glyder easy to use at ground-level, even in confined spaces. Like all Ionic poles, the Glyder is built to last, and the high grade carbon means the pole is extremely tough and robust.

The SWIFT range has been specially designed & engineered to meet the unique requirements of cleaning at 50, 60 and even 80 feet. One of the most important characteristics needed is rigidity. Only a very rigid pole will be controllable at these heights, therefore the material the tubes are constructed from must be incredibly strong. Swift poles utilise a specially developed multi-modulus carbon fibre construction throughout, and thanks to high-precision manufacturing techniques, have tighter tolerances between the sections.

The Swift range incorporates TRANSVERSE clamps, which have a smaller profile reducing both pole weight and collapsed length. And because they grip the sections with a wider clamping area, they grip more powerfully and evenly, leading to further improved rigidity.

The result is that the Swift pole is unrivalled in rigidity, and is the only composite telescopic pole to reach to 80ft available anywhere in the world. But this outstanding rigidity has not come at the cost of weight or size. Thanks to a specially developed thermoplastic toughened matrix system (TMS), the Swift range is remarkably light-weight for such long-reaching poles, and have amazingly narrow handle sections (from just 35.5mm). It’s no surprise then, that window cleaners all over the world are now using Swift poles to clean where previously only hydraulic platforms or abseiling techniques could reach.
But that’s not all... The 35ft and 45ft Swifts are now widely used by commercial window cleaners because the improved rigidity, light-weight and narrow handle width allows them to get through their mid-level commercial work up to 30% faster than using other poles. More info here.

  •  GRAFTER 17ft - 32ft Carbon glass fibre mix poles, ideal for residential work up to about 25ft, with the occasional need to reach a little higher. A short collapsed length means ease of use at ground level.
  • GLYDER 30ft - 40ft Carbon fibre poles with excellent rigidity and lightness, as well as short collapsed length. Great for residential and low-rise commercial where 30-40ft reach is needed regularly. A real workhorse, for use all day, every day.

  • SWIFT 35ft - 80ft Carbon poles with unsurpassed rigidity and lightness. With extremely tight tolerances between sections, Swift poles are designed specifically for medium to high level commercial work. Very narrow handle sections make this pole comfortable to use even for prolonged periods.

Also see "Q&A With Reuben Reynolds of Ionics Window Cleaning Systems."

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