Monday, 7 March 2011

Window Cleaning Innovation Award Goes To Aqua-Dapter

The Aqua-Dapter has been a major success in the Water Fed Pole market, both in the UK & abroad. See here & here for previous blogs. Or alternatively add "Aqua-Dapter" into the search bar in the top left corner.

Paul from Aqua-dapter gives us the take on the Cleaning Show at the NEC in Birmingham: "The build up to the Show was incredibly busy for us." "As you might imagine there were some narrowly avoided last minute disasters, but on Monday afternoon we got the stand ready."

 Was it worth it?  "YES!"

"By all accounts, we were one of the busiest stands, which was great, but not the main reason why we’re counting the Show as a great success…" "On Tuesday, after the Show had closed its doors, the ceremony for the Innovation Awards 2011 took place."  "Out of the 97 entries, 48 had been short-listed." "The awards honour pioneering innovation by manufacturers and suppliers in the cleaning industry." "Finalists were chosen by a panel of recognised experts from all sectors of the cleaning industry and awards given to twelve category winners, and ONE overall winner." "The short-listed finalists were judged during the show on the first day by the panel of industry experts."

The winners were:

Food Hygiene: Biobase Europe – Hard Surface Sanitiser
Healthcare: Chemspec Europe – Inspection Control Fogging System
Retail: Prodifa – Aluminium Ashtray Bag
Chemicals & Dosing Equipment: Gloria – Foaming Dispenser
Window Cleaning: Aqua-dapter – Flow Controller
Floor Cleaning (indoors): ICE/Cleanfix – Roboclean 40
Pressure Washing & Graffiti Removal: Biobase Research – Graffiti Remover
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning: Chemspec Europe – DFC105
Washrooms: Cannon Hygiene – Activap
Floorcare (outdoor): GumClean – CCR 3000
Software: OGL ProfitPlus – Business Intelligence Module
Eco/Green Products: Centrego – Toucan Eco

"Overall Winner out of all categories (and a unanimous decision by the judging panel): Aqua-dapter." "As this was our first Cleaning Show, we really didn’t know what to expect." "It was fantastic for Aqua-dapter to win, not only the Innovation Award in the Window Cleaning Product category, but also for the product to be unanimously counted worthy of being the overall winner!" "Steve Jones, the inventor of the Aqua-dapter, spent years developing and refining the design to make it a high-quality “must have” piece of kit for any Water Fed Pole user, so the praise is rightfully his."

"It was also great to be able to meet with some of the previous winners of the Award, and well-known names in the industry."  "We learned a lot and hope to continue building on the contacts we made there." "Our thanks also go to the judges." "We know it’s an excellent product, but it’s great to hear independent experts confirm that they like it too!"

More News from Aqua-Dapter! New Hose..

Thanks to Vadim Bokhanovich of MoemGorod® in Russia for sending me his video of his time at the Cleaning Show. Better quality viewing here.

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