Tuesday 30 August 2016

The Executive Mindset

Join Josh Latimer in his free 5 day podcast series for window cleaners titled: The Executive Mindset

This is what he says about the series:

"Please listen in and take notes as I walk you through the 10 things you need to CRUSH your business goals and build a company you can be proud of!

Building a business is one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life but can also be the most rewarding.  Take the time to invest and work on your mindset.  Be intentional about the kind of people you spend time with and allow influence in your life.

Anyone can win but not everyone will.  Why?  It's a combination of mindset and GRIT.  Ask yourself this question:  "Are you relentless?  Do you want to win so bad that your stomach hurts?"  If the answer is yes than you have what it takes as long as you operate with the correct mindset."

Though today is day four, you can still listen to past podcasts on his feed here.

Friday 26 August 2016

Monday 22 August 2016

IWCA: Online Safety Training

IWCA has a program that could be beneficial for those looking for hands-on safety training. This is a great refresher course or good for onboarding new employees. The IWCA provides various online safety training modules just for this.

The tutorial includes PowerPoint slides along with video. The material is the actual regional safety training seminar which is taught by IWCA Safety Director, Stefan Bright. Instructional videos are broken up into modules that are an hour long The IWCA suggests that videos are "designed so your office safety director, business owner or training manager can reinforce specific training issues after the program and can discuss key points with employees." Each module is $125 (for members) or $175 (for nonmembers) for the first six months.

Module 1: Plan Ahead For Safety
Addresses proper planning such as equipment use, identifying hazards, site assessments and fall protection.

Module 2: Using Rope Access for Descending a Building
Addresses how to select the right equipment, how the equipment works, how to inspect the equipment and job site prior to use, the importance of a written plan, identifying anchorage points, helping a building to understand its part in the shared responsibility of workplace safety and basic and advanced rigging techniques. 

Learn more at their website, here.

Friday 19 August 2016

New Waterfed Video Series!

Looking for more information on pure water and water fed poles? Look no further! Check out the brand new Water Fed Pole Video series from WCR! Browse in-depth videos on a variety of topics that cover pure water window cleaning, testing your water quality, understanding different purification methods, water fed pole overview and much more! Check out the videos below!

What's the next step? Check your TDS for free, use our automated water fed pole suggestion system or schedule a consulting session with John Lee, one of the top product experts at WCR and receive up to $100 off select pure water systems. Click here!

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Window washing platform fails

Failed window washing platform on US Bank Tower.
2 workers 'self rescue' from failed skyscraper platform: According to the most recent news story, a scaffolding failed on a window-washing platform on the US Bank Tower Tuesday afternoon. Luckily, it fell sideways and to the left toward a lower-level roof.

The two crew members were then able to safely escape to the neighboring building. Lt. Steve Saunders with the Cincinnati Police Department said, "At around noon, scaffolding lines on the right side of the platform appeared to fail or become loose, with the left side remaining intact. Crowds quickly gathered at Fountain Square to watch the emergency response."

The incident occurred at the US Bank Tower on Walnut Street. It is 27 stories high and 365 feet tall. The window cleaners were up at about 20 stories up when the scaffold fell sideways.

Cincinnati fire officials have not yet determined what caused the accident. East Fifth Street was closed as police as rescue crews worked at the scene. A U.S. Bancorp spokeswoman says the company is grateful there were no injuries. Cheryl Leamon noted that the company is working with building and safety officials to assess the situation and prevent further incidents.

Monday 15 August 2016

Huge Convention Wrap Up

The Huge Convention was this past weekend and it was a total success! Window cleaners gathered from all around the world to come together at the National Harbor in Maryland. There were awesome speakers, networking, classes and tons of fun! If you didn't have a chance to attend, stay tuned for more pictures and video of what went down!

All of the industries best vendors made for a jam-packed trade show. The keynote speakers were nothing short of motivating and inspiring. There is something about being in a room with positive, like-minded business owners that really makes a huge impact. We are thrilled with the turn out this year and the good reviews are already flooding in. We hope that all of the attendees took away valuable information that they can infuse into their business! If you attended, we'd love to hear your thoughts about the event. 

Friday 12 August 2016

Window Cleaning Basics 101

Are you new to window cleaning? Looking for a good series of introduction videos? Check out our Window Cleaning Basics Video Series! Alex will walk you through various topics such as straight pulls, fanning and detailing. He will also go over some products such as channels, belts, scrapers and popular soaps like Glass Gleam 3 or 4. Hope you learn a thing or two!

Tuesday 9 August 2016

Now in print!

Sure, digital books are great but nothing beats the feeling of holding an actual book in your hands. Do you agree? If you do, we have good news! The Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint is now available in print! For just $99 you can get the step-by-step guide delivered to your door (free shipping to anyone in the USA!).

Feedback has been great! Check out some of the recent testimonials from real purchasers:

"In truth if you buy, and apply this one book you don’t need any others, and you will build a successful window cleaning company. I don’t want to over hype the book. Much of the advice is simple and straightforward, and to the untrained eye one may not at first realize what gems are being given. The magic in this book is in the implementation. Follow the blueprint and you will be successful." -Mike Goeller (Brightview Cleaning)
"There is something for everyone in this book! Even as a seasoned pro, I picked up a lot of solid information and new ideas to implement. Chris did a great job pouring out his experience into these pages. I would DEFINITELY recommend reading it (unless you’re a competitor of mine lol)." -Chris Cartwright (Triple C Window Cleaning)
"I am using the Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint book. One of the marketing tools was sending a direct mailer with a special $xxx.xx for 20 windows cleaned, plus free screens. The day after the postcards hit, I received 6 calls. Thus far, 4 of the six clients booked the job. This is a great tool to generate some business especially during the summer months. I highly recommend trying it out." -Eddie Willis (20/20 Window Cleaning, LLC)

Prefer the ebook + downloads package? No problem! You can still get that for one low price of $249! Purchase either package here.

Friday 5 August 2016

Just a few more days until the HUGE Convention

The convention is a mere days away! Don't miss the greatest industry event of the year!

Want to check out everything that's happening at the convention all in one place? Check out the Convention Mega Thread on the WCR forum! If you haven't already gotten your ticket yet do so now. There is still time (but only a little bit). Seriously, don't miss this!!!

1. The 2016 convention event is shaping up to be twice as good as last year.

What you can expect:

More high-quality speakers, presentations and classes
We have a bigger trade show with even more vendors than ever
There is even more networking events scheduled
There are even more giveaways than last year

2. Free Answering Service for 2016 convention attendees!

We’ve teamed up with AnswerForce to provide free answering service while you’re away! Take advantage of their 24/7 live answering service while you're traveling to, from and during the convention. Don't worry about missed calls! AnswerForce will handle it!

Learn more and sign up here.

3. Meet the Speakers

Check out our exclusive "Meet the Speakers" podcasts between Josh Latimer and the speakers! Stay up to date with everything behind the scenes convention related by checking out the blog!

Check out our featured 2016 speakers: 

Featured Keynote Speakers:
Joshua Latimer - The Executive Mindset
Howard Partridge - How To Build A Phenomenal Dream Team

General Speakers:
Matt Adwell - The Efficiency Filter
Jennifer Van Alstine - Business Finances 101
Santiago Arango - Referrals: Open the Floodgate!
Roman Basi - Tax Aspects of Closely-held & Family Owned Businesses
Henry Bockman - Use Systems To Automate Your Business
Beth Borrego - What's in YOUR Employee Manual?
Chris Cartwright - Suburban SEO Guide: 2016 Edition
Michael Dahlke - How I Took My Business to Over $1,000,000 FAST!
Michael Goeller - The Efficiency Filter
Allison Hester - Media Coverage: How To Get It, What To Do With It
Curt Kempton - Crafting The Ultimate Bid
Jamie Taggart - Stand Out Online and Win More Customers
Ryan Wilkins - Government and Commercial Sales

Wednesday 3 August 2016


The WCRA has been a long standing association that have benefited many professional window cleaners and business owners. Here are just some of the reasons why it pays to be a member of an industry association…

1. Stay updated on industry events. Being a member has its perks and one of those perks is discounted registration tickets to all association members. Get your convention ticket here. Use code "WCRA" for extra savings. We also keep you updated on the industry in general.

2. Access to information. The WCRA offers venues in which you can access a tremendous amount of information and knowledge. For starters, check out both the Window Cleaning Resource forum. It's free to register for an account. Yes, you heard right, it’s a free resource! Browse threads or get involved in conversations. We also offer a private forum for those that join either association! In addition to the forum, our Facebook groups are extremely popular. There are private and public groups. Some of the public ones you can join now are Professional Window Cleaners and  Window Cleaners. Private members only Facebook groups are also available.

3. Access to resources. The main goal of the memberships is to provide its users with access to top industry resources.  The WCRA focuses it's efforts on providing you with marketing support. We know you know how to clean. Running a business is the hard part. Enjoy marketing materials (post cards, door hangers, flyers, thank you cards), business development material (forms, manuals, ebooks, company handbooks), industry discounts (payroll, insurance, web/logo design, software) and much more! Members also get a standard 5% discount to Shop Window Cleaning Resource.

4. Credibility. Joining a professional industry association makes you more credible. This is why we allow members to use either the WCRA and PWRA logo on their website, marketing materials, forms, etc. We want you to show your customers that you care enough about your business and industry to join a professional organization. We offer a convenient logo pack upon joining. As long as your member, it’s yours to use however you please!

5. Education. Continued education is so important! The only way to grow your business is education. The WCRA offers just that through a variety of different channels. How do you learn best? Is it through others? Perhaps the huge convention is the one-on-one training you need (WCRA members save on admission tickets). The association also gives you access to webinars, the forum, Facebook and other networking groups as well as a ton of other great resources.

We hope you will consider joining an industry association! Your business will thank you for it.

Join the WCRA! – Need more information? Schedule a WCRA onboarding call to learn more!

Monday 1 August 2016

Hands on with the Moerman Excelerator

Thanks to Luke the Window Cleaner for posting this video on the much anticipated Moerman Excelerator! Click below to check it out! They are using a prototype but the finished product should be ready late August or early September (hopefully!).

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