Friday 30 May 2008

Sharing the Pain

Forrest Stockman only wanted to be one thing when he grew up, a window washer. The excitement of being high in the sky was not a new thing to him. His father was a window washer and so was Stockman's brother, in fact it’s how Stockman lost his brother. Stockman was 18-years-old when his brother fell from the sky in a work accident when the equipment broke. Now, at 41-years-old Stockman suffered his own fall. On January 18, 2008 Stockman was on his third window about 60 feet in the air in downtown Glendale when his equipment failed and he fell from the sky, breaking several bones. “I broke 7 bones in my back, all of my ribs and both of my shoulders,” Stockman says, “my right leg is almost paralyzed, I just don't have control of my bowels.” Details difficult to share, but he says even worse is that he worries he won't be able to provide for his 15-year -old son who he supports and raises alone. Stockman has no income. At the time of the accident Stockman was a contracted employee so workers compensation has denied him benefits and he’s left to find how he’ll manage to support his family. If you’d like to help Forrest Stockman, you can donate at any Wells Fargo Bank or if you’d like to help in any other way, you can contact a family friend at:

See here for video.

Parked Truck Saves the Day

ATLANTIC CITY - A parked truck may have saved two window washers from injury Thursday morning. Daniel Rivera and Carlos Osorto were cleaning the Tropicana Casino and Resort windows at about 9:30 a.m. when the lift they were on collapsed, Battalion Chief Michael Mooney said. Two of the four wheels were off the ground, with the boom leaning on the Ultrabrite Power Washing truck. "The vehicle stopped the boom from completely flipping," Mooney said. Osorto was able to jump to the next level - about 15 feet down - and was brought to safety. The Fire Department had to use its Special Operations Unit for a high-angle rescue of Rivera, Mooney said. It took about an hour to harness Rivera and get him down so he could be brought in through a window, Mooney said. While the men were safe in about an hour, it took nearly 5 hours to get the boom down. Iowa Avenue from Pacific Avenue to the Boardwalk was closed as the situation was handled. Representatives from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration were on the scene, Mooney said. An investigation is under way, spokeswoman Leni Fortson confirmed. She did not have any information about Northfield-based Ultrabrite Power Washing. A message left at the company was not returned Thursday evening. Neither of the workers was injured, and both refused medical attention, Mooney said.

Lithuanian Cocktails from Window Cleaner

Police say they have shut down a suspected illegal lab which was producing booze from window cleaning fluid. Cops who searched a garage in the Vilnius suburb of Markuciai on Friday found 160 litres of what they said was a clear fluid containing mostly ethyl alcohol, produced by mixing chlorine and vinegar with window surface cleaner. They also found 900 litres of blue-coloured cleaning fluid in the same garage. Officials say the illegal cocktail is typically sold to middlemen for 8-10 litas per litre. It is then diluted and sold on to people who suffer from severe alcohol dependency.
I loved the comment.

Thursday 29 May 2008

Grooming Salons for Window Cleaners?

Pictured: 1. Ramsey & Grady play pool at the barbershop lounge. 2. Gerry Ramsey, window cleaning owner gets shampooed after getting a facial at Barbershop Lounge.

Men’s grooming has hit Boston like a wave. In the past year, several men’s grooming centers have opened their doors, as long-established spas and salons have begun setting aside certain nights and treatments for men only. Traditional barbershops have begun expanding their services, and shaving cream companies have begun producer fancier, more expensive lotions.
“Guys are really into this,” said Kelly Tarlow, manager of High Street Men’s Grooming Center on Newbury Street in Boston. Three Boston-based investors opened the shop in November. Now, after a busy six months, they are thinking about opening other branches, in Boston’s Financial District and in the suburbs. And over at the Barbershop Lounge, the custom-made black leather barber chairs have been filling up for weeks. But just a few hours later, Gerry Ramsey of Roslindale and Shaun Grady of West Roxbury practically floated out of the Barbershop Lounge.
“I’m sold,” said Grady, a 25-year-old construction worker who had just had his feet soaked and scrubbed. “Unbelievable,” added Ramsey, 29, the owner of a window-washing company.
.......or would you rather just clean their windows?

Window Washing Sculpture

J. Seward Johnson, best known for his life-sized sculptures of ordinary people expressed through contempory life situations. In the past decade Johnson has focused his artistic craft & creative energy on a series of life scale and three dimensional objects. More than 250 of Johnson's cast bronze figures have been featured in private collections & museums in the USA, Europe & Asia. The folk of Dayton, took well to his sculptures, many believing them to be real as they are so life like!

Wednesday 28 May 2008

Desperately Seeking Robots

Sweden: Charlotte seeks robot window cleaner.

Robots may already be capable of cleaning and entertaining, but Charlotte Brogren's job is to decide what they will be able to do in the future. As development manager for ABB Robotics, Brogren works hand in hand with technicians and programmers to push the limits of robot technology. "We have strong cooperation with our internal research group, but also with colleges and universities all over the world," she says. When it comes to investment in robot development, Japan and Korea are the major players. "There is a lot happening in Japan of course but we in Sweden are right up there," says Broberg. The 44-year-old mother of three expects robots to play an ever more active role in our daily lives, relieving people of many menial tasks. "Before people used to harvest by hand. We're just moving along the value chain," she says. And Broberg practices what she preaches, with a series of robots keeping her company at home, including one that can play air guitar and stand on its head. But her dream robot is somewhat less glamorous. "Right now I'm looking for one that can clean windows," she says.

Missionary Window Cleaners

WINCHESTER, VA - A local high-rise window cleaning company is doing more than shining windows; they're changing lives overseas.It isn't your typical job, but it’s not a movie stunt, either. "If you make the wrong move and something's not tied down right, it can cause injury or even death, so it's that serious," said Boyce Peele. Boyce and his son David call themselves “The Descenders.” They do high-rise window cleaning without safety nets -- just a bucket and very few strings attached. The men soar in the open sky with a harness, a rope and a lot of nerve. Nearly everyone who sees the seemingly acrobatic stunt has to comment. Peele described, “Everything from ‘That's awesome’ to ‘You’re crazy.’ We get all kinds of reactions and then we get people yelling at us, and then you always hear, ‘You missed a spot.’ "The father-son duo cleans several high-rises in the area. "One of the biggest jobs we do is the Winchester Medical Center. They have a lot of building and they're growing all the time, so every year we come back there's a new building," David said. The team cleans about 20 buildings a season, and the highest one is more than 250 feet. It gives them the perfect opportunity to see some of the most beautiful landscape in the Four-State region. Although the view is breathtaking, there's another motivation. Three years ago David and his wife sold their home and moved to South America to do missionary work. “We don't get paid. We are volunteers so we have to come back every year for about six to eight weeks in order to clean some windows, earn a little money so we can live down there the rest of the year," David said. "Because they're gone for a long period of time throughout the year, so it’s an opportunity to do a little bit of father-son bonding as well as just spending some father-son time with my son," Boyce added. David makes about $10,000 a season cleaning windows. That’s more than enough for a family of two to live in Guyana. His father runs the company while he is away.

Tuesday 27 May 2008

Matt Wester, High-Rise Window Cleaner

I've been cleaning windows in high-rise buildings for about seven years. I was looking for a job back when I was 18 when I saw an ad in the newspaper seeking high-rise cleaners. I was a little afraid of heights back then, but I figured it would be a challenge. I tried it out and ended up liking it. Now, the higher the better. Four floors, 40 floors - it doesn't make any difference to me.
We begin the window-cleaning process by taking the elevator all the way up to the top floor. Then we go up to the roof, tie our ropes down and throw them over the side. Then we just rappel down. We sit on a little chair and wear a safety harness. My main tools are an 18-inch squeegee and mop. I have some 22-inch tools that come in handy for the bigger windows And for smaller windows we have what are called cut-ups - little four-inch mops and squeegees. The rest of it is trade secrets. Some of the buildings we clean are the Norfolk Waterside Marriott, Norfolk's World Trade Center and a lot of hotels on the Oceanfront. A building the size of the Marriott takes two people two days to do while working steadily. We do what's called a "drop" to clean the glass. That's when you go straight down from the roof to the ground to clean a strip of windows. As soon as you're finished with a drop, you just come back up to the roof, move the ropes over and continue with another drop. You get kind of a rhythm going. You can knock buildings out pretty fast. While I'm up there, I think it's important to know exactly what can happen. So I look down, I look all around. It's possible to fall so you want to avoid that. Once, I was blown around the corner of the Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel. I was taking holiday lights down because a hurricane was coming. It was really windy, and the wind kind of just whipped me around the corner, and it didn't let up for about five minutes. I was just stuck there, and I had to wait for it to die down before I could get back to the other side. Most high-rise windows are cleaned once a year, both outside and inside. I haven't seen many people cutting back their window cleanings now because they're trying to save money in this economy. Lately, everybody wants us to come real quick because they have an event going on. A lot of the Oceanfront hotels want their windows washed now because it's almost tourist season. So we want to get in there and get that done before they start getting busy. I've had curtains closed on me pretty fast as I've worked my way down buildings. Most people don't know it's actually really difficult to see in the windows from the outside. People may think we saw more than we did, so they panic. It's funny to see other people at work while we do our jobs. We'll look in an office building and be like, "Hey, they're lucky they're inside on a hot day." They'll look at us and be like, "They're lucky, they're outside on a nice day." Everybody just wants to switch places sometimes.

Streak Free Profits

It’s the window cleaning business and in 2007 alone, it was an industry worth more than $10 billion dollars. And now a man by the name of Tanner Larsson is showing entrepreneurs everywhere how they can start their own window cleaning business, with very little startup costs. Larsson owns and operates one of the most successful window cleaning businesses in Nevada and over the years he created a detailed multimedia course , which shows people how they too can start their own window cleaning business. The course is called Streak Free Profits and in the first quarter of 2008 it helped more than 200 entrepreneurs get started. From the initial business plan, to proven marketing strategies, ready-to-go marketing materials, training videos and business forms, Streak Free Profits is a complete package that helps people through every step of the process.
“In early 2002 I was still in school, but I saw an ad in my local newspaper to buy an established window cleaning company,” says Larsson. “I was intrigued by the idea of being my own boss, but the deal ultimately fell through and I never bought the company. However, the glimpse I got into the window cleaning business was enough to pull me in and I decided to start my own company. In my first full year of cleaning windows I grossed over $87,000 and I was still going to school. A year later I made more than $180,000 and more than doubled the size of my business.”
Now Larsson spends most of his time helping his clients follow in his footsteps. Promoting Streak Free Profits as “the ultimate success system,” he guarantees that the program can teach anyone, regardless of background, how to start their own window cleaning business in under a year.
“I want to make it clear that this is not a franchise opportunity,” says Larsson. “In the window cleaning industry, franchises just don’t make sense. Can you name me one window cleaning franchise that’s a household name across the nation? While franchises make sense when a company has name-brand recognition, they’re just a waste of money when it comes to window cleaning. Streak Free Profits will show you how to start your own business, where you don’t have to answer to anyone, or pay any royalties and the start up costs will be significantly lower. Better still, you don’t need to have a college degree or any kind of certification to get started. My clients have literally had a business up and running less than a month after purchasing Streak Free Profits.”

Benefit Cheat gets Caught Out

A WINDOW-cleaner and barman who cheated his way to £1,800 in benefits was snared by a tip-off to City of York Council's benefit fraud hotline. Gary Scrivener pleaded guilty to the fraud and was sentenced to 50 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay £75 of court costs at York Magistrates Court. Following an anonymous call to the council's fraud hotline, investigations by City of York Council found that Mr Scrivener had not fully declared his work as a window cleaner and barman. This fraudulent activity resulted in him being paid more than £1,800 in housing and council-tax benefit. City of York Council's audit and fraud manager Max Thomas said: "The council is committed to preventing, detecting and deterring benefit fraud, and is calling on the public to continue to expose benefit cheats." Mr Thomas said: "We would like to thank all those people who have given us information via the benefit fraud hotline, e-mail address or by letter. All the information that we receive is looked into and, where we suspect that fraud is being committed, we will investigate it.

Monday 26 May 2008

Government Data Reveals Cleaning Payments

Millionaire’s MP wife claimed £1,600 for cleaning windows:

AN MP married to a Welsh millionaire spent £1,600 of taxpayers’ cash on cleaning the windows of their luxury London flat. Barbara Follett, the Labour MP for Stevenage and wife of novelist Ken Follett, called the cleaners 18 times between February 2003 and March 2004 to the flat they share in the Soho area of the city. The cleaning cost £80 a time plus £14 VAT, and every penny was claimed back from the taxpayer. A home in the same street as the Folletts’ is currently on sale for £4.25m. The details are among extensive data finally released yesterday after Commons authorities gave up a three-year £100,000 legal battle to keep them secret.

SpiderMan as a Window Cleaner...again

Wall-climbing technique now used for robots could lead to tech that allows soldiers, window washers to scale sheer surfaces, too. are a whole range of scenarios, from security- or surveillance-related situations to natural disasters, in which it could be really useful to have a robot that can climb walls. But the idea gets so much traction because it's also just flat-out cool.
We've covered the efforts to design machines that scale vertical surfaces using techniques borrowed from geckos, and another that uses vacuum forces. But this weekend, at a major robotics conference, researchers from SRI International will be discussing a different approach: electro-adhesion. The SRI robots can clamp on to glass, wood, brick, concrete and more by using electrostatic charges generated by a battery. The materials used are compliant, so their robots can attach to just about any surface - rough and dusty or clean and flat. In the future, they say the technology could allow humans to climb walls, too, whether they be Special Forces operatives or window cleaners.

Sunday 25 May 2008

10,000 Windows

Crystal Cathedral gets a wash down. GARDEN GROVE The glass panels of the Crystal Cathedral will likely have an added shimmer in the coming days as the sun's rays bounce off the Orange County landmark. That's because the Cathedral is getting its first wash down in two years. Why the hiatus? The cathedral has more than 10,000 windows of tempered silver-colored glass that are held in place by a lace-like frame of white steel trusses. Of course, cleaning it involves a lot of man hours, expense and special equipment, says Ed Quiroga, facilities director for the Cathedral. "It takes quite a lot of work to maintain a glass house like this one especially when it comes to washing it," he said. It's not your average window-washing job, but an elaborate two-week process. Five men are hoisted up in a specially designed basket by a crane. The basket is equipped with brushes on the side that spray de-ionized water with ammonia, he explains.
"The basket goes up and down with the men until all the windows are washed and cleaned," Quiroga said. The ammonia in the water prevents spots and streaks in the glass after it's cleaned, he said. They use at least 100 gallons of ammonia and tens of thousands of gallons of water. It takes a lot of preparatory work even before workers get to that stage. First they go up in a different basket and put suction cups on the glass to check for loose panels. "We want to fix it because it's the only way to minimize leaks inside the house," Quiroga says. The caulking takes a week and the washing itself lasts another week. Workers are preparing to wash down the Cathedral this week. Usually, this is an annual ritual, but the Cathedral hasn't been washed in two years because of the time and expense involved, Quiroga said. It also creates a scene with curious passers by stopping to look at the laborious process. "It's a lot of work and a lot of hours,'' Quiroga said. "But the Cathedral looks really beautiful right after it's done and we get a lot of comments about that."

Saturday 24 May 2008

Long in the Tooth?

This follows on from a previous "oldie" that made news this year: ALAN Forrest could not be happier ... when he's cleaning windows. And at almost 80 years old, this window cleaner can remember when the famous tune first came out in 1937 – although you won't hear him whistling it even when he's up at the windows of George Formby's former home in Poulton, part of his rounds for the last 40 years. "The lads don't like me singing, they say I sound terrible. "I was in the choir at school and they thought there was something wrong with the organ until they realised it was me singing, " joked the grandfather from Blackpool Road in Carleton. Having started his business 40 years ago, Alan has brought a shine to homes across the Fylde coast and a smile to the faces of his many customers.And even with his 80th birthday approaching in April, he has no plans of quitting yet."I love the job. I get to go out meeting people from all walks of life, you are your own boss and I'm not bothered about going up the ladders. "It's all changed from when I started. It was mop and bucket and a ladder, now it's squeegies and 40 ladderless brushes and health and safety. "But I still do full time. I've no plans for retirement while I can still get about."I've never been afraid of hard work. The harder you work the more you get. "A former professional boxer, Alan also served as an able seaman in the operations room aboard HMS Implacable in the late 1940s. In all his years up ladders, Alan has seen some sights but says discretion is the key and he remains tightlipped. He said: "I've seen plenty through the windows but I don't think I should disclose any of it. "I've done Keith Harris's home and George Formby's place – well I still do it, but I don't sing the song. "Son Gordon Forrest has taken over the business, moving it on from a domestic round to a growing business, servicing shops, schools and hospitals, but there's no moving the old guard. He said: "Dad's a remarkable man, I can't imagine there are too many 80-year- old's working, never mind going up and down ladders in all kinds of weather.Standards"I'm not worried about him on the ladders, he's done this for years. "And Alan's customers are delighted to see him carrying on. Customer Pauline Nicholls, of Maldern Avenue, Carleton, said: "He must be the oldest window cleaner on the Fylde coast. "His standards are high, he's friendly and everyone knows him."

WELL-KNOWN Grangetown resident and former window cleaner Charles Harlin is finally getting used to the quiet life after turning 90. Charles, of South Clive Street, cleaned windows in the area for 46 years, right up until the age of 84. He said: “My family have been trying to get me to have a party every year since I turned 80, but I don’t like a fuss. “Some days I do feel 90 but other times I still feel a lot younger. “Working so hard for so many years certainly kept me fit. I worked ever since I left school at 14; it gives you something to get up for and keeps you strong.”

Blackpool variety legend dies. The final curtain has fallen on the life of a much-loved figure in Blackpool's entertainment world. Heritage campaigner, magician and former theatre proprietor Cyril Critchlow, 85, died peacefully in Clifton Hospital on Friday May 2 after a lengthy illness. In Blackpool, he perfected his Reval magic act in between working as a window cleaner, photographer, bleach salesman and Winter Gardens spotlight operator.

Thursday 22 May 2008

Window Cleaner Biking for Charity

A window cleaner is swapping his day job to embark on an Alaskan adventure to raise money for deaf children. Bill Singleton from Harpenden, Hertfordshire has pledged to raise more than £1,000 for the National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) by travelling 6,000 miles across America. He plans to venture from sunny Montana to snowy Alaska on his Harley Davidson Road King. Bill will be setting off on July 11 as part of an NDCS challenge. "I have toured the USA before on my Harley Davidson, but never quite as far as Alaska," he said. "Supporting NDCS is very important to me. My daughter, my son-in-law and friends are deaf and my Alaskan Adventure is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the work of NDCS. "I'm really looking forward to the trip, the scenery should be spectacular and the wilderness - hundreds of miles isolated from civilisation."

Stressed-Out Bloke Starts Window Cleaning

The manager of a city store restaurant went berserk when he was accused of fiddling the books and ranted and raved in front of colleagues and shoppers. The 26-year-old, who worked for British Homes Stores in Eastgate Street, shouted threats at fellow staff members, holding one of them in a headlock and pulled over display cabinets of stock. The outburst followed a disciplinary meeting during which Peter Grice of Leeming Walk, Kingsway, Quedgeley, was suspended and escorted from the store. Grice pleaded guilty on Tuesday to using threatening words and behaviour and to criminal damage. "The defendant was the subject of a disciplinary meeting regarding accusations of falsifying company records."After the meeting he was escorted through the building and when he saw the store manager he shouted 'Dead Man Walking'. "He then knocked stock on to the floor and attempted to push over fixtures and fittings. "The defendant was restrained by a colleague from behind but pulled away and damaged more stock. His flailing arm caught a colleague on the cheek. "He then pushed over a box of NSPCC badges and pushed over more fixtures. "He shouted abuse at a colleague and tried to punch him; he then put his head in an arm lock."After he left the store police were called." Defending solicitor Roz Jackson said: "The defendant has been going through an extremely difficult period, with problems at home concerning the care and custody of a stepson and also problems at work. "He was very upset and aggrieved by the disciplinary process and it all came to a head when he was suspended. "He lost his temper and is very regretful for his actions. "My client has now set up his own window-cleaning business and has two children.

Goo Gone WFP System

Following on to a similar release in the UK for homeowners to clean their own windows - an American firm, popular with window cleaners for their adhesive removal chemical, has decided to release their own system. Although it doesn't have a pole as such & relies on firing water at windows & probably hitting every top frame & dirt-ridden brick work in its path, I presume the canister has DI crystals & a non-surfactant chemical to make it work: -

Magic American Products, a Division of The Homax Group, Inc., introduces the Clean Connect Kit™, a new house and window cleaning system. The powerful system reaches up to 30 feet to help consumers clean high windows and gutters. Magic American has been a leader in the cleaning industry since 1934, and their Goo Gone expansion supports their tradition of developing and marketing essential household cleaning products. Other Magic American brands currently marketed by the firm include Magic American caulk strips, Gonzo® cleaners and the popular Goo Gone® adhesive remover.
The revolutionary new system allows users to quickly and easily attach the specially formulated Goo Gone cleaner with just a “click” into the patented sprayer. The concentrated formula activates with water from a garden hose to reach second story windows, siding and gutters effortlessly. Goo Gone’s cleaning technology dries clean, so there’s no need for wiping, and will not harm plants. When cleaning is done, the ergonomically designed Clean Connect sprayer makes a great, everyday garden sprayer.
The kit comes with the Sprayer, plus “Window Wash” and “House Wash”. The kit’s retail price is $24.99, and bottle refills can be ordered through Also on the site, is a video of the Clean Connect TV ad that demonstrates the effectiveness of Clean Connect. Clean Connect is available nationally at Walgreen’s in the “As Seen on TV” section. Rachelle Rabasi, Product Line Manager for Goo Gone notes, “Magic American continues to focus on unmet consumer needs, and our recent research shows that consumers need a new and different approach for outdoor cleaning.”

Sunday 18 May 2008

Window Cleaning News State-side

Orlando, Florida: Man, 30, Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries, Police Say. A window washer suffered life-threatening injuries Monday morning after falling five stories from Florida Hospital, Orlando police said. The 30-year-old man's condition is not yet known. An Orlando police report said the fall, which occurred at 601 E. Rollins St. in Orlando, appears to be accidental.

Business owner gets the fog out of windows: Scott Bergmann likes to help people see more clearly. As owner of Pro Window, a window washing service in Winfield, Bergmann has spent the last 14 years bringing the outside world into better focus for homeowners and businesses. In his work, though, Bergmann said he saw foggy windows on a daily basis. "People would always ask, 'Can we wash that or is there anything we can do?' " he said. But because the problem was often caused by condensation between the panes of the window, there was really nothing he could do. As a dealer for Midwest Window Defoggers, Bergmann said he now has an answer. Through what is known as the Window Medics Process, Bergmann can remove the condensation from inside windows that cause them to become foggy. After first drilling two small holes at opposite corners of the window, Bergmann injects -- and then vacuums out -- an ecologically safe cleaning solution. Afterwards, he places small plastic valves in the holes. "By drilling these holes... we are simply allowing the window to breathe," he said. Bergmann added that these valves can also be used as a preventative measure against what he called "solar pumping." Bergmann explained that as glass is heated and cools, it expands and contracts. This allows for a buildup of moisture within the window, something he said many people misunderstand. "If it gets moisture in there, people think the seal is broken," Bergmann said. "But that's simply not the case. It's just a matter of educating people." Bergmann said that the installation of just one valve can prevent windows from fogging in the first place. He added that the defogging and preventive maintenance services are covered by a lifetime warranty. Bergmann said a typical defogging and valve installation costs less than $150, which he said is considerably less than a complete window replacement. Bergmann said he plans to continue operating Pro Window, but hopes to eventually make his new business his sole profession by providing the service to Wichita and the surrounding area. That will be in keeping with what he has learned to see clearly in his career as an entrepreneur. "If you take care of your customers, provide a good service, and are willing to work, you can do anything you want," he said.

Edmonton, Canada: A man allegedly stole a squeegee from a city gas station and then attacked store clerks with a knife when they confronted him, say police. About 7:40 p.m., the three clerks confronted the man when they spotted him leaving a Shell station with a squeegee. The employees were slashed at with a knife, but no contact was made. The man was followed east on 82 Avenue, where a squeegee was allegedly stolen from an Esso station. Police swooped in shortly after. Robert Wayne Reive, 24, was charged with assault with a weapon (x3), theft under $5,000 (x2) and possession of a weapon dangerous to the public.

Weapon of choice: A 26-year-old Winona woman was arrested Tuesday after she attacked her boyfriend with a litany of household items — including a squeegee and a steak knife — because he ate leftovers from their refrigerator, police said. Police referred Stacey Michelle Stanek to the Winona County attorney’s office for charges of felony assault with a dangerous weapon and misdemeanor domestic assault. According to police: Stanek became upset at the 34-year-old man Tuesday evening when he ate leftovers from their refrigerator in an apartment in the 550 block of East Third Street. An argument ensued, and Stanek hit the man in the back and arm with a squeegee, leaving marks on his body.

Window Cleaning News Round Up UK

We've heard it all before............
The window cleaner’s days are numbered. A self-cleaning glass developed by Saint-Gobain Glass UK means chemical-laden cleaning products may soon be a thing of the past. An invisible coating on the glass works with rainwater and the sun’s UV light to break down grime so windows, as well as the atmosphere, stay cleaner for longer. Employees say the environment is an everyday consideration at the Yorkshire glass manufacturer, giving a 90% green score, and it has a bearing on their job (89%). The firm’s environment management system reaches the international ISO 14001 standard, and recycling is a particular strength.

PEOPLE are being warned about a bogus window cleaner who has targeted homes in Huddersfield. A series of houses in Newsome, Paddock and Crosland Moor have been targeted by the man, who is described as in his mid-30s, 5ft 10ins tall, of slim build with short dark hair and an unshaven face. He carries a rucksack and has been seen using a bicycle. He has particularly focused on elderly homeowners. Police believe he poses as a window cleaner as a distraction tactic to steal items from the homes. Sgt Jim Carter, of Huddersfield Police, said: “No items have been stolen so far. Fortunately the complainants have had the presence of mind to send him on his way, “We would say if anybody does come to the house who isn’t a regular window cleaner, then challenge their legitimacy and contact the police on 0845 6060606 if you are concerned.” He also appealed for anyone with information about the man to contact him on 01484 436675 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Machete Thug Jailed.
A THUG who left a bouncer scarred for life in a machete attack was jailed for seven years.
Married dad-of-three Stephen McDonald, 45, of Cumbernauld, was convicted of attempting to murder Ronald Fraser, 37, on February 25 last year. The High Court in Glasgow heard the window cleaner became violent after being told to leave the Condorrat Arms pub.

Last month, Stefan Tinkler was aiming to become the fastest window cleaner on the planet at an international competition. Mr Tinkler made his way to Amsterdam to take part in the ISSA Windowclean 2008 championship, but was disappointed to find out it had been cancelled. The current world record is held by Terry “Turbo” Burrows, as he is known within the trade.Set in England in 2005, his record stands at an impressive 9.24 seconds. Also see here.

Epidemic of debt spreads to Britain's middle class. Debt advice agencies are being swamped by demands for help from a new type of customer - the cash-strapped middle income family. As the cost of credit rises and fixed-rate mortgage deals end, middle-class people who borrowed when money was cheap are turning to agencies that normally help social housing tenants and benefit claimants. Window cleaning is usually the first service to be be cancelled.

Members of The Bradford Catholic Players have added their own twist to rock opera Godspell by setting it in Saltaire in the 1800s. John the Baptist is a window cleaner in this production of the Biblical musical, starting tonight, and the cast are dressed as 19th century villagers. In the Catholic Players' show, devised by director Helen Clarke, John the Baptist appears as a window cleaner & "In the Crucifixion scene at the end his ladders are made into a cross, it's very poignant," said Debbie.

Water Fed Pole News Story

PRESCOTT - Matthew Files looks skyward Wednesday morning while cleaning Summit Plaza's third floor windows with a 45-foot water-fed pole. The sunrise view from the third floor is getting brighter by the minute. "As you can see, this thing flexes a lot," Files said while maneuvering the jiggling pole from one window to the next. "It's kind of like washing windows with a 45-foot fly-cast pole. "Files is a window supervisor for All Clean Services located in Chino Valley. "It's not clean until it's All Clean" reads the company logo. "This pole is made of aircraft aluminum and it weighs about 15 pounds," he said. "That doesn't sound like much until you've been pushing it up and down for a couple of hours. Then it feels like you're lifting weights in a gym. "Before the wash water reaches the plaza's third floor windows, it flows from one of the building's hose spigots through a garden hose into a deionization tank. "The deionization tank is filled with a mixed resin bed," Files explains. "The minerals in the water attach to the resin and the water comes out pure. "That's why I can wash one windowpane and move to the next without having to dry the glass. The water dries without leaving any spots." From the deionization tank water flows up the 45-foot pole and out through a scrub brush attached to the end of the pole. "Sometimes we use a lift or ladder to reach second or third floors," Files said. "But I figured I could get these just as easy with the pole. The poles are great for houses built on the side of a hill where we can't get a lift or a ladder. "For street-level windows, Files uses a hand-held window mop and 3-foot squeegee. "People think that you should not wash windows in the rain or that rainwater leaves spots and messes up windows," he said. "But that is not true. Rainwater is pure. It's not the rainwater that leaves spots - it's the dust and dirt on the windows that leaves the spots. "Windows are Files' specialty.Among his tri-city clientele are automobile showrooms, the Prescott Valley Civic Center and the control tower at Prescott Airport. "Some places are cleaned monthly or quarterly or just when they need it," he said. "But the airport is done every Friday. "As the sun rises and begins to warm the plaza windows, Files slowly continues around the building cleaning one windowpane to the next. "I started about 5:30 this morning and hope to be finished by noon before too many people start coming in," he said. "Hey, you missed a spot," yells a newspaper deliverer as he drives away. "I hear that joke all the time," Files said. "But they never show me where the spot is."

Green Cleaning

Window cleaner to serve on committee.
Jack Nelson, a Cumberland window cleaner and director of Master Window Cleaners of America, has been selected to serve on a committee with International Facility Management Association (IFMA) to develop an education and certification program for the business of green cleaning. Many businesses and organizations are putting more emphasis on finding alternatives to protect the environment, and the association is no exception. Nelson was selected because he had already developed a similar program for the Window Cleaning Association.

Olympic window cleaning

The picture above was added wih the caption "Olympics window cleaner should get a gold for cleaning this."

The futuristic glass-clad design of the 2012 London Olympics aquatics centre in East London could be a window cleaner's nightmare, it has been warned. Both the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment and Newham local authority believe the roof of the £242 million swimming venue could pose a huge headache for window cleaning. Their concerns were raised in a report for the Olympic Delivery Authority, which has just granted planning permission for the 17,500-seater stadium in Stratford. The Commission, while supporting Zaha Hadid's overall design, told Olympic chiefs the final design would have to take account of roof 'cleaning and maintenance. 'Newham council, meanwhile, asked how window-cleaning would be done on such an "unusually shaped and large building. "Contractors Balfour Beatty start building the venue this summer, which will include two 50m pools and a diving pool. Olympics boss Lord Seb Coe is confident the venue will be ready by 2011.

Wednesday 14 May 2008

Han Solo the Window Cleaner gets Married

Window cleaner Bramwell Brightey, 33, dressed as Han Solo and his girlfriend Tamsyn Lofts, 29, wore a Princess Leia outfit. The pair, who have seen the film more 500 times each, said they opted for their surreal nuptials because church weddings bored them. They had intended to have their wedding the Sunday before last so their invites would read "May the 4th Be With You", but because of date clashes for some guests they plumped for this weekend instead. They were joined at Leatherhead registry office in Surrey by more than 50 rebel alliance guests dressed as characters from the cult film series. The ceremony took a year to plan and some of the costumes had to be flown in especially from America. The pair even had their wedding cake specially designed to look like Jedi master Yoda, and instead of a first dance had a light sabre dual at the reception. Everyone made an extra special effort and without them, the force would not have been so strong."

Tuesday 13 May 2008

Window Cleaning Councillor is City's New Mayor

A NEWLY-ELECTED mayor has given an assurance that his hundreds of customers will not have to wait longer than normal for him to clean their windows. Sid Hawke, who has just taken over as Mayor of Ripon, said that, because he now worked only part-time, his long established window cleaning round in the city would not see a lesser service. Coun' Hawke, whose daughter, Julie Spence, is the new mayoress, said his customers were "over the moon" about his mayoral role as a member of Ripon City Council. For some time now, Coun Hawke's window cleaning round has worked hand in glove with council business. When he did work full-time, he often got up at 2am to clean windows at commercial properties in the city and then turned out later to ensure residential properties were given their regular cleaning service. The new mayor says he often picked up council issues needing attention when he has descended from the ladder. He believed the job was ideal for keeping closely in touch with local residents. Requests for help and advice are regularly passed to him while on his round, most them pleas for road and footpath repairs. Coun' Hawke, who is 60, is also a member of Harrogate Borough Council, where he sits as an independent member representing part of Ripon. "I enjoy cleaning windows because being on the round means I am out and about meeting and chatting to the people I represent," he said.
Coun Hawke, a true Riponian, lives in the house where he was born at Ailcey Road and is proud of his local roots. Before being elected, tradition dictates that fellow councillors must find where the mayor-elect is hiding before the installation ceremony can continue. It took 20 minutes to discover the latest mayor's hiding place - in the clerk's office at the town hall. Coun' Hawke had wanted to break with tradition by hiding at the nearby Unicorn Hotel but had been told that would be beyond the hiding limits.

Computer Problems

I'm afraid that I'm having some computer problems - so the blog for the next week could be rather limited. The fact that we have had huge rainfalls & I live in a third world country (Mallorca, Spain) could have something to do with it! This post & the subsequent posts are coming from an internet café. Until Telefonica get their act together & it stops raining - happy window cleaning.

Sunday 11 May 2008

The Sim Pole

Phillip Alexander (pictured) of "We dew windows" is a veteran window cleaner with nearly 40 years in the window cleaning field. The American window cleaning magazine (AWC) has also written about him & he is well known in the USA within the trade & among MWCoA members.

Phil recently made & patented his carbon fiber SimPole: the S.I.M. stands for Simple, Innovative & Multilevel. It is sold in heights from 2 foot to 32 feet. You also have a choice of nylon brush & hogs hair brush. The hogs hair brush also fits the Gardiner poles & can be bought seperately. Phil can also help you with all your water fed pole needs & can help set you up with a DI or RO unit. The product is available from his website & possibly Racensteins in the future.

Saturday 10 May 2008

Window Cleaning News Round-Up

New advances in medical treatment have saved the life of Froxfield window cleaner Michael Dunne, who was told four years ago that he was dying of cancer. But now the father-of-two and grandfather has been able to receive a life-saving bone marrow transplant from a brother thanks to newly developed techniques. He owes his life, he said, to the generosity of his older brother Patrick from Swindon who readily agreed to provide bone marrow when tests showed a perfect match. Mr Dunne's wife, Joyce, has showed her thanks to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford by taking part in an abseil from the top of the 100ft high seven-storey building, raising more than £505 for a new cancer unit.

NYC window cleaners ratify contract:
NEW YORK - The union representing window cleaners for some 500 commercial office buildings in New York City has ratified a four-year contract. The contract was reached Tuesday between the SEIU Local 32BJ and the Realty Advisory Board. The terms of the contract call for a wage hike, an increase in scaffold pay and improved pension benefits.

Spectacular rescue saves highrise workers. Firefighters pluck workers from 49th floor. It was just another day at the office. The journeymen employees of Alberta Glass had been caulking the windows on the 49th floor of the east tower at 855 2 St. S.W. when the swing stage they were using malfunctioned, leaving them precariously perched about 48 storeys up. Fire crews rushed to the scene just before noon and the department's high-angle rescue team went to the roof to extract the dangling duo. Firefighter Grant Rinas said one team member was lowered about six metres down from the 52-storey roof to the scaffolding to help bring the two workers to safety. "It was relatively easy access and we could talk verbally to them from the roof," he said. "They were safe-tied to the platform and it wasn't going to go anywhere." The two workers were lifted individually in harnesses to the roof and were not injured in the incident. The rescue took about 40 minutes. George Kennedy, owner of Alberta Glass, said the two men, both in their 20s, were in good spirits and got to go home early. "It was just one of those unforeseen things," he said.
Kennedy said it appears a gear may have malfunctioned on the scaffolding, locking it in place, but with four heavy-duty cables suspending it, the workers were never in serious danger.

A new window cleaning related DVD: Features Chinese Revenge Drama Worthy of Jerry Springer. Ping Guo (Bingbing Fan) and An Kun (Dawei Tong), a young couple from the sticks, moved to Beijing in search of a higher standard of living. Thusfar, however, life in the big city has been a bit of a bust, since the only work she could find was in a sleazy massage parlor, and he had to settle for a dangerous job as a skyscraper window-washer. The two made do until the fateful day her rich boss (Tony Leung Ka Fai) decided to force himself on her. Wouldn't you know it, but An Kun just happened to be squeejeeing the plate glass of the room as Liu pounced on his wife, and he had to watch helplessly while dangling outside on the scaffolding. This is the intriguing, incestuous scenario which unfolds in Lost in Beijing, as messy a dysfunctional relationship drama as you could hope to witness on screen.

Popular goalkeeper Paul Bastock, "Bazza" is set to remain with St Albans City next season. Despite rejoining the Blue Square South club with just a few months left until the end of the season, the window cleaner won the fans' player of the year award at Clarence Park. 'Bazza' has seemingly saved the Saints from relegation single-handedly and is said to be enjoying his time with the club. He had been keen to sign for Tommy Taylor earlier in the season, but Rushden & Diamonds manager Gary Hill prevented the move.

Mr Martin (pictured), a window cleaner, was found dead in the front garden of a house in Rutter Gardens near to his Ravensbury Grove home on January 27. A 37-year-old man has pleaded not guilty to the murder of a Mitcham dad-of-three. Gary Andrew Kelly of Rutter Gardens, Mitcham, appeared before the Old Bailey this afternoon. Kelly was charged in January with the murder of 40-year-old David Martin. The 37-year-old was remanded in custody before his trial which is due to start on November 24.

NEW YORK (WABC) -- A freak accident on the east side. A construction worker was struck by falling debris outside 335 Madison avenue. The worker was hit by an electric cord that plunged 30 feet. Officials believe the worker was trying to move a window washing scaffold when the power cord fell to the ground--hitting him on the head. He suffered a head injury.

Seattle doorknocker scam: Beware of a “window washer” casing the neighborhood. We just had a fellow come to the door and knock very lightly. Since both of our cars were in the garage, it surely looked like no one was home. He lied about doing the neighbor’s house earlier. 40ish, scruffy beard, Caucasian, white F150 truck with light brown trim, canopy with frame and bike rack. He got away before we could get more info. Our neighborhood has had several break-ins in recent months. We reported it to 911.

Friday 9 May 2008

Window Cleaner Caught on Camera

A teenage campaigner for the elderly who was caught on camera repeatedly stealing from an 87-year-old dementia sufferer has been locked up.
Elizabeth Barker (pictured), 19, was widow Eliza Broadhead's window cleaner and had won her trust. She stole cash from her widowed victim's OAP bungalow in Eastleigh Court Tingley, three times in March. Just weeks before the thefts Barker had taken part in a community campaign to save a neighbouring sheltered housing complex from the axe. Barker, of Sissons Road, Middleton, Leeds, was caught out by covert CCTV installed in the flat by police on the request Mrs Broadhead's daughter Sheila Cree. Mrs Cree became suspicious after money went missing from her mum's purse. Sentencing Barker to 16 months in a Young Offenders' Institution, Judge Geoffrey Marson QC told Barker: "It was a vile and wicked thing to do, to target a vulnerable victim in this way. A lady who is entitled in her final years to be protected by the courts by those who prey upon her."

Window Cleaning Resources UK DVD - Out Now

The most comprehensive guide to traditional window cleaning available, this DVD looks at the various skills a window cleaner needs to aquire in order to work effectively, making it an ideal training aid. Each piece of equipment is explained and shown how it is used on real jobs. Learn such skills as; selecting the right tool for the job, minimising detailing, cleaning interior windows, using a scraper blade and the various techniques used for using a tradtional extension pole up to a height of 10 metres. Warning: This DVD could seriously transform the way you and your staff clean windows. Buy it here.

Thursday 8 May 2008

The Rendlex tool

A week a go I listed this article about a budding inventor who being a window cleaner had come up with a tool that he developed & submitted in a competition. He won!

The Rendlex Tool will be a seven-unit device that fits and locks into a patented window cleaning equipment handle and helps window washers pry open screens or clean debris from a window frame.

Jordan Leahy was awarded the top prize of $5,000 with his invention of the Rendlex Tool, a tool with special features designed to aid in window washing during the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization's 2nd Annual Warhawk Business Plan Contest Thursday evening in the Hamilton Center.The event served as a way for UW-Whitewater students to showcase their ideas for potential businesses or help an existing business grow. The competition allowed students to take their first steps toward turning an idea into a profitable business through putting together a business plan and presenting it before a panel of judges. The judges consisted of UW-Whitewater faculty, alumni and business leaders.The competition began with over 30 teams which were narrowed down to 10 and then the final five presented during the event.Leahy was excited about the win and encouraged others to participate in CEO's events."It is a great opportunity," Leahy said. "I wish other people put more effort into entrepreneurship because there's a lot of support out here."

Window Cleaner Propoganda 1940

Remarkable research from the School of Experimental Social Science reveals that the much-loved game of Snakes and Ladders was created by a humble window cleaner, Murk E. Payne Esq. in 1945 as a means of overcoming the bad imagery of the ladder created by housewives in 1930's. As Professor Mihgeked explains, Housewives disseminated the idea that walking under ladders would bring the under-ladder walker certain ill-fortune and woe - the economic impact of this was that fewer people wanted their windows cleaned - they just didn't want to increase the risk of walking under ladders, and this hit the window-cleaning business hard. Murk E. Payne Esquire, who had been bitten by a snake on a field trip to South Africa, did not find it difficult to identify what might be a more concrete and altogether worse risk - the mighty snake. And the game of snakes and ladders was his way of giving the ladder (and indeed, by extension, the window cleaner) a really positive counter-image. And it worked: following the publication of the game of Snakes and Ladders, window cleaners experienced a 2000% increase in demand for window cleaning.This is but one insight into the fascinating research findings of Professor Mihgeked's exploration into the history, economics and sociology of Children's Games. His research findings are to be found in his best-selling book, Games we Play, and Why we Play them (Perky Press, 2008) . This is currently available in bookshops across the UK and is retailing at £20.00.

Wednesday 7 May 2008

Chase Tower Cleaners, Houston

When cleaning granite and washing windows on the 1,049-foot-tall JPMorgan Chase Tower in downtown Houston, one wrong move can make for a very bad day. "It is in the hands of God ... destiny," Jose-Luis Riquelme (pictured), who specializes in working at extreme heights, said Tuesday. "If I die doing this, I'll die doing what I enjoy." That's not to say they are daredevils. They take plenty of precautions as they attack a three-month project to bathe the five-sided building, which has about 3,100 windows and more than two acres of glass. A falling phone could hit 120 mph before reaching the sidewalk. The key to success for the job, which pays as much as $22 an hour, is not working scared, but staying aware that working on the sides of a 75-level building is a uniquely perilous situation. Among the guidelines: No quick movements, leave stresses at home, equally distribute weight across the scaffolding. "If someone would ask, 'Are you guys crazy?' I'd say, 'Of course not,' " said LaRue Coleman, whose companies, AMS Texas and JOBS Building Services, maintain the facades of many downtown buildings. "We know what we do," continued Coleman, who started as a window cleaner nearly 40 years ago in college. "We understand how to do it and the safety involved." He stressed that workers are trained before taking on high-rise duties. Still, a peek straight over the edge is all it takes to race the pulse and dizzy the vision of the uninitiated. "Fear is good. It lets you know there is danger," said Riquelme, who shared a scaffold Tuesday with Carlos Atilio and Milton Tovar as they cleaned the side of the Chase Tower. It moved spookily as the wind kicked up. Atilio, 39, is among the most experienced on skyscrapers. The native of Guatemala became a window washer out of necessity nearly 20 years ago and seems nearly as comfortable on the platform as he would in his living room. "I'm grateful to this country," he said of the opportunity to make a better life for himself and his children. Tovar, 34, originally from Honduras, has done high-rise work for six years. He's a religious man who often says a silent prayer before stepping out on the platform.
He, like the others, wears long sleeves to protect himself from the sun and drinks plenty of water. The new kid, Riquelme, 28, who recently moved from Chile, can't get enough of heights. He spends his spare time climbing rocks and mountains. His highest yet came last year when he climbed the 22,834-foot Aconcagua Mountain in Argentina. Unlike some buildings, such as the U.S. Capitol or San Antonio's Tower of the Americas, where workers have rappelled down the sides, the Chase Tower has a high-tech scaffold system mounted on tracks and permanently attached to the roof. The stage, as the platform is known, is less than 3 feet wide, 40 feet long and surrounded by railing. Designed specifically for the Houston tower by the Tractel company of Canada, it is suspended by more than 100 miles of steel wire wound into four support cables that can hold 4,000 pounds.

Although rare, when window washers fall, the end is brutal. In Houston in 1987, two window washers fell 32 floors from a Pennzoil Place tower — with scaffolding — on a pedestrian, who was also killed. In New York City last year, two brothers from Ecuador plunged 47 stories, with one killed and the other miraculously surviving after being in a coma for weeks. As the scaffolding makes its way up and down the Chase building, window washers get some surprise glimpses at life inside. People have been known to smile, wave and hold up signs, as well as to try to ignore them. Like priests, the washers seem to safeguard their secrets from some jobs, but insist there really hasn't been that much to see at the Chase Tower.
Those inside are sometimes caught off guard. "It is a little bit startling because you know you're 40 stories up and somebody is outside sudsing up your window," said lawyer Mike Morfey, who was impressed by their calmness. "It was like they were working on the corner." Standing on the roof of the Chase Tower, Phil Sokulski, a manager for AMS, seemed envious of the window washers. "This is as high as you can get in Houston without flying," he said.

Tuesday 6 May 2008

Cleaning Bricks

Window of opportunity. It “just suited” George Formby, but competition’s hotted up since he began cleaning windows in the Thirties. So much so that Stockton’s Newton Tucker, having climbed that “blinkin’ ladder” until he almost reached the top, is now looking to diversify into scrubbing bricks.
The head of SBNT Window Cleaning Contractors and Cleaning Services, established with wife Kirsty, is in discussions with local property developers over a new brick cleaning service following substantial contracts in the commercial window cleaning sector. Established in 2003, the company recently sealed the deal to polish Stockton pub equipment company Brulines’ panes and counts Middlesbrough Football Club and Northallerton homebuilder Walter Thompson Contractors among its clients. Newton, who has been cleaning windows for almost 10 years, said: “Window cleaning is extremely competitive and although it will remain our core business, we are looking to branch into other areas. “We hope to take on extra staff and eventually be in a position where other people are running the day-to-day operations, leaving more time for me to source new business.”

SBNT Window Cleaning Contractors and Cleaning Services, which is run by Newton and Kirsty Tucker and counts Middlesbrough’s Riverside Stadium among customers, currently employs four staff and is keen to take on four more. “The work’s there but we don’t have the men to do it,” said Newton, 34, from Ingleby Barwick near Stockton, who has been window cleaning for 10 years. He concentrates on the external window cleaning while Kirsty’s team looks after the internal window cleaning side of the business. The firm, which has clients in Teesside and North Yorkshire, has just added Brulines, a pub equipment company in Stockton, to its portfolio as well as telecommunications business Odyssey Systems. It also cleans the internal windows for house building clients including George Wimpey Homes. Kirsty said: “This is an important job because essentially we are getting homes ready for the people who are going to move in. Sometimes it’s the buyer’s first home, so the standard of cleaning and preparation has to be really high.”
The team is keen to take on two internal and two external window cleaners immediately. Newton says he is looking for fit and enthusiastic people, but admits it can be difficult to source staff. He said: “I always tell people who begin working for me that it is the toughest job in the world. You’re outside in the winter and it can be hot in the summer.”

Monday 5 May 2008

Cinco de Mayo, Pure Water & a Tucker Pole

Marches, margaritas and the Americas way:

The past few days have been a reminder of that, beginning with May Day marches that focused on immigration reform, and wrapping up with Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Immigration has been an American issue since the first Europeans stepped off a boat. But views of it change with circumstances. One of the signs at Thursday's march in Seattle read: "Somos America: America para los Americanos." We are America: America for the Americans. Except the woman carrying the sign meant all the people — in all the Americas. Her husband, Miguel Gudino, was carrying their 14-month-old son, who was born in the United States. "Back in our country, I won't be able to give him a good life," Gudino said. Gudino, who has a green card, said he did farm work in Michoacán, but here he owns his own window-cleaning business and he is buying his first home. "Owning my own house is the best you can do in life," he said. Gudino said he was marching so more people will be able to realize their dreams. He marvels at how the numbers of Latinos have increased since he came to Seattle nine years ago.

Some random videos: First up is Bill from Boston of Tollins Window Cleaning showing us a resin regeneration plant in the WCR palace. And second-up a tucker pole in high-up action in Canada.

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