Sunday 6 March 2011

The New Window Cleaning ErgoTec® Ninja Squeegee From Unger

Unveiled at the UK Cleaning Show, the ERGOTEC® NINJA is launched with a fantastic daily giveaway, guaranteed to be a hit with the UK window cleaners! Every day in March, Unger will give away one ERGOTEC® Ninja squeegee handle with a 35cm channel! For a chance to win text NINJA to 60777 followed by your details.

Dave Rogers, the General Manager of Unger UK comments on the launch of Ninja. “The response at the Show has been phenomenal. The success of Ninja is underpinned by extensive research and creative approach to product development, all in close partnership with the end users of our products. Together we came up with a truly innovative product that delivers enhanced user experience and has an element of fun“.

As a result the ERGOTEC® Ninja is a long way ahead of any window squeegee currently available. The Swivel function, locking firmly in any position within 180˚ radius, enables access to hard to reach areas, especially when working with poles. Unger has also solved the problem of channel’s accidentally falling out from the handle – a TriLoc mechanism provides secure Open Position for channel replacement or adjustment, eliminating the risk of it separating from the handle. The textured anti slip handle features an ErgoBall indented head for comfortable grip and a thumb pad for greater control.
But it’s the Channels that hold a clue to the Ninja name. The Extruded Aircraft Aluminium T6 Channels are guaranteed not to break or bend. Revolutionary SmartClips on the end of the Channel allow adjustment of the rubber tension and protect the frames.
“Speed, precision and great performance are the key values of the ERGOTEC® NINJA concept. The channels deliver perfect pressure distribution across the entire length, resulting in streak free cleaning. The longest 105cm channel is designed for true Ninja style cleaning – quickly and efficiently, hence the name”, explains Rogers. “We’re confident it’s going to be a star product”.

The new ErgoTec® Ninja: Makes Tough Jobs a Lot Easier!

Product Innovations:

• Adjustable rubber tension ensures perfect results for every window size and channel length.
• Aluminium channel does not bend and keeps rubber perfectly straight
on the glass surface.
• TriLoc mechanism prevents channels from accidentally separating from handle and falling out - great for working at height, abseiling and cradle work.
• The ErgoTec® Ninja locks onto the Unger Locking Cone and can be used for
safe high access cleaning with telescopic poles.

Maximum Efficiency:

• Clean large glass surfaces in less time.
• Perfect pressure distribution requires less power application.
• Swivel lock makes pole work fast and easy.
• Fast rubber and channel change with channel always in secure position.

The new ErgoTec® Ninja provides numerous benefits for increased efficiency for the professional window cleaner. Channels up to 105cm long dramatically reduce the time required for cleaning large surfaces, allowing you to achieve more in less time. The revolutionary ergonomic design ensures smooth and easy performance – even after hours of intense cleaning. ErgoTec® Ninja – the smartest tool for professional window cleaners. Click the pictures to enlarge.

  • Ergonomic Handle: Lightweight ergonomic handle designed to perfectly fit the human hand. High quality anti-slip rubber for better comfort and precise control.
  • ErgoBall Area: Indented handle head allows for comfortable grip.
  • Thumb Area: Thumb pad on top for additional control.
  • Tension Ergonomic Handle Adjustment: Coin adjustable stainless steel screw to increase or decrease the swivel tension.
  • Cone Lock: Firmly locks onto Unger Locking Cone.
  • Swivel Function: Perfect for telescopic poles and hard to reach areas. Locks in any position. Choose tension to keep desired angle.

Aircraft Aluminium T6 Channel: Lightweight and stable Extruded Aircraft Aluminium T6 channel
construction. Choice of lengths up to 105cm - for speed cleaning large areas. Will not bend or break.
Perfect pressure distribution.

Flexible Rubber Positioning: Choose from two rubber positions: Lower position for shorter channels
(1), higher position for the longer channels (2). Each always has the right pressure and contact with
the glass.
Ninja Star Markings: Special Ninja star markings to easily find center position.

TriLoc channel locking mechanism - Fast and secure channel change and repositioning.

1. Channel is locked.
2. Channel is fixed and can not fall out or be moved.
3. Slide to adjust channel position or twist to exchange channel.
* Tension screw allows custom locking settings – works with most popular aluminium channels.

In the USA recently at the IWCA Florida exhibition, the ERGOTEC® NINJA was released in fine style by a blonde Ninja complete with opponents. Pictured: Alex Lambrinides of Window Cleaning Resource gets attacked.

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