Wednesday 14 December 2016

Unger Stingray Wins Innovation Award

PRESS RELEASE : Unger wins Innovation Award Unger Stingray shines all around. Solingen/Chicago – Unger was presented with the Innovation Award at the international cleaning trade fair ISSA/Interclean North America. 

 The Unger Stingray indoor window cleaning system managed to impress the exclusive jury and won the coveted award in the Supplies and Accessories category. With a total of 50 cleaning companies registering their products for the Innovation Awards this year, the competition was challenging across all categories. 

A distinguished expert jury made up of distributors, construction companies and in-house service providers judged every product on its forward-thinking potential, giving particular consideration to profitability and safety aspects, as well as innovative features, quality and productivity. The jury chose Unger Stingray as the outstanding innovation in the Supplies and Accessories category based on its unique advantages that make cleaning indoor glass, mirror and other washable surfaces simpler and more efficient. 

Unger Stingray – allowing cleaning personnel to work simpler, faster, safer and more efficiently: 

Cleaning indoor glass using traditional sprayer and a cloth can be time-consuming and labour intensive, especially in areas with lots of internal glass surfaces that have to be kept spotless at all times, such as offices, hotels, restaurants and shopping centres. Using ladders or climbing chairs to clean at height can also be risky and require re-arranging furniture and equipment for access. 

Unger Stingray easily solves these issues and offers a perfect solution to all your indoor glass cleaning needs:

According to the “Indoor window cleaning time and consumption study” conducted by the hygiene consultant Hyco Mück, the Stingray allows you to clean 25% faster compared to traditional sprayer and a cloth method thanks to its one step “apply & clean” design. Its enclosed sprayer applies the glass cleaner directly to surface, eliminating overspray and drips, so there is no risk of airborne chemical inhalation and no need to spend extra time on covering up nearby items or cleaning up the mess.

At a push of a button, the Stingray pump dispenses a single shot of professional glass cleaner with 3M Scotchgard protection, its precise application allows you to clean brilliantly, control costs and minimise waste, using 39% less chemicals!

With its highly intuitive design, the Stingray is simple and easy to use, with minimal training required even for your least experienced staff. This means that surface cleaning at heights of up to 4 m (13 ft) can now be safely carried out by in-house teams on a daily basis, reducing risks and costs whilst increasing building cleanliness and customer satisfaction. 

Photo Caption:
The expert jury selected Unger Stingray for its outstanding innovative design, allowing you to clean indoor surfaces efficiently and faster than ever before – maximizing profitability in the process.

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Ungers official Stingray sites here & here

Tuesday 13 December 2016


It's official....winter is here! You spent a lot of money on your pure water window cleaning system this year. Watch the video below for some tips on getting it winterized and tuned up for next season!

Monday 5 December 2016

Genius Winter Add-On Service for Window Cleaners

The Cut N Slide is a genius way to drum up some business in the winter months! This innovative roof snow removal tool was released two years ago and is now more popular than ever. Created by Mark Strange at Beautiful View.  

It's great for removing large amounts of snow off your roof which can cause damage.  The Cut N Slide attaches to Ettore and Unger extension poles and smoothly rolls up the roof without damaging shingles.  Unlike roof rakes, where the user has to drop it high on the room and pull down, the Cut N Slide is pushed up the roof, getting under the snow to dislodge it and send it sliding down to the ground. 

See it in action:

Video overview:

Thursday 1 December 2016

Crush Your Window Cleaning Competition With Data

Hello, Window Cleaners!

At the beginning of this year, WCR asked 1,000 window cleaners 100 questions.  We cover topics like Marketing, Sales, Money, Operations & Competition. You know all the important stuff!

Download it for Free HERE

This valuable tool helps you to see how you stack up against the competition. It will also help benchmark your progress and see what's possible with your business.

The Window Cleaners Census is the only large-scale survey in the Window Cleaning World. 

Stay tuned in the early winter for the next release.

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