Wednesday 14 December 2016

Unger Stingray Wins Innovation Award

PRESS RELEASE : Unger wins Innovation Award Unger Stingray shines all around. Solingen/Chicago – Unger was presented with the Innovation Award at the international cleaning trade fair ISSA/Interclean North America. 

 The Unger Stingray indoor window cleaning system managed to impress the exclusive jury and won the coveted award in the Supplies and Accessories category. With a total of 50 cleaning companies registering their products for the Innovation Awards this year, the competition was challenging across all categories. 

A distinguished expert jury made up of distributors, construction companies and in-house service providers judged every product on its forward-thinking potential, giving particular consideration to profitability and safety aspects, as well as innovative features, quality and productivity. The jury chose Unger Stingray as the outstanding innovation in the Supplies and Accessories category based on its unique advantages that make cleaning indoor glass, mirror and other washable surfaces simpler and more efficient. 

Unger Stingray – allowing cleaning personnel to work simpler, faster, safer and more efficiently: 

Cleaning indoor glass using traditional sprayer and a cloth can be time-consuming and labour intensive, especially in areas with lots of internal glass surfaces that have to be kept spotless at all times, such as offices, hotels, restaurants and shopping centres. Using ladders or climbing chairs to clean at height can also be risky and require re-arranging furniture and equipment for access. 

Unger Stingray easily solves these issues and offers a perfect solution to all your indoor glass cleaning needs:

According to the “Indoor window cleaning time and consumption study” conducted by the hygiene consultant Hyco Mück, the Stingray allows you to clean 25% faster compared to traditional sprayer and a cloth method thanks to its one step “apply & clean” design. Its enclosed sprayer applies the glass cleaner directly to surface, eliminating overspray and drips, so there is no risk of airborne chemical inhalation and no need to spend extra time on covering up nearby items or cleaning up the mess.

At a push of a button, the Stingray pump dispenses a single shot of professional glass cleaner with 3M Scotchgard protection, its precise application allows you to clean brilliantly, control costs and minimise waste, using 39% less chemicals!

With its highly intuitive design, the Stingray is simple and easy to use, with minimal training required even for your least experienced staff. This means that surface cleaning at heights of up to 4 m (13 ft) can now be safely carried out by in-house teams on a daily basis, reducing risks and costs whilst increasing building cleanliness and customer satisfaction. 

Photo Caption:
The expert jury selected Unger Stingray for its outstanding innovative design, allowing you to clean indoor surfaces efficiently and faster than ever before – maximizing profitability in the process.

Also see: The Stingray indoor cleaning system
Ungers official Stingray sites here & here

Tuesday 13 December 2016


It's official....winter is here! You spent a lot of money on your pure water window cleaning system this year. Watch the video below for some tips on getting it winterized and tuned up for next season!

Monday 5 December 2016

Genius Winter Add-On Service for Window Cleaners

The Cut N Slide is a genius way to drum up some business in the winter months! This innovative roof snow removal tool was released two years ago and is now more popular than ever. Created by Mark Strange at Beautiful View.  

It's great for removing large amounts of snow off your roof which can cause damage.  The Cut N Slide attaches to Ettore and Unger extension poles and smoothly rolls up the roof without damaging shingles.  Unlike roof rakes, where the user has to drop it high on the room and pull down, the Cut N Slide is pushed up the roof, getting under the snow to dislodge it and send it sliding down to the ground. 

See it in action:

Video overview:

Thursday 1 December 2016

Crush Your Window Cleaning Competition With Data

Hello, Window Cleaners!

At the beginning of this year, WCR asked 1,000 window cleaners 100 questions.  We cover topics like Marketing, Sales, Money, Operations & Competition. You know all the important stuff!

Download it for Free HERE

This valuable tool helps you to see how you stack up against the competition. It will also help benchmark your progress and see what's possible with your business.

The Window Cleaners Census is the only large-scale survey in the Window Cleaning World. 

Stay tuned in the early winter for the next release.

Wednesday 30 November 2016

Health and safety board says window washer's death could have been avoided

One worker is dead and another injured after a window cleaning crane overturned.

In a recent article here,  the Quebec Health and safety board reported that a window cleaner's death could have been avoided. In this instance, they ruled that the window washing company is fully responsible for the unfortunate incident that resulted in the death of a 53-year-old employee back in April.

The employee, Rafael Marchante died on April 10th when a mobile crane overturned and crushed him. He and his 19-year-old son were cleaning windows on UQAM’s Paul Gerin Lajoie Pavilion the morning of the incident. The company overseeing the job, Lavage de Vitres Haute Performance, made several mistakes.

The crane, parked by another employee, was deployed at an extreme angle to reach some of the windows at the building. The crane was also not levelled. A plank of wood was placed over uneven terrain and under the support.

With the added weight of the employees in the support basket, the left support leg sank, causing the crane to tip backwards. Marchante was struck in the head by part of the crane . He died instantly. His son survived but was badly injured.

Officials said, “When the crane tilted, the chip fatally hit the worker aboard the window cleaning platform. And secondly, the operation of the crane beyond the lifting limit allowed by the manufacturer contributed in the sliding of the left rear stabilizer cylinder out of its support and destabilized the crane."
The company is now barred from using cranes to wash windows. All companies that use cranes should carefully review all safety measures and operational instructions for their equipment. Quebec's Federation of Labour (FTQ-Construction) is calling for mandatory training of all crane operators to reduce future injuries and accidents.

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Joint Membership Deal

Get a joint WCRA - PWRA membership for only $99.
Over 750 Individual items and benefits are now available. 

The WCRA & PWRA organizations have merged.
WCRA members can now access all the PWRA related content.
PWRA members can now access all the WCRA related content.

What exactly does a membership get you? 
1) Supply discounts & Free Shipping

Year 1 Members - 5% Off every item in the store all the time.
Free shipping on all orders over $299

Year 2 Members - 10% Off every item in the store all the time.
Free shipping on all orders over $99

PS - Pressure Washers: we have added over 3,000 new pressure washing products to our store this year. Check it out here.

What exactly does a membership get you? 

Everything in the business service section is 100% free of charge for members. Download over 750 items business building items free of charge.

  •Gift Cards
  •Yard Signs

We are working hard behind the scenes to put together even more great member benefits. Expect total number of materials available to you to jump from 750 to 1,000 items before spring.

Act fast, the $99 Membership drive ends today!

Monday 21 November 2016

Automated Water Fed Suggestion System

Which water fed pole system is best for you? Whether you are just trying to learn more information or see which system is right for you, we can easily match you up with a package that fits your needs and budget with just 4 simple questions! Click here to get started. You can also conveniently check your TDS on the same page.

If you need even more personalised help selecting a system consider scheduling a consulting session with John and receive up to $100 off select pure water systems. John is our in-house water fed pole system expert and can answer your questions and help determine what system is right for you!

Friday 11 November 2016

Live Q&A!

Exciting news! A new live stream Q&A show airs this Sunday at 3pm central time on Luke the Window Cleaners youtube channel. We will be covering all things Excelerator. Hope to see you guys there! You can read more updated information here.

Friday 4 November 2016

New Unger nLite Video Series

Watch our brand new video series on the Unger nLite Water Fed Poles!  This video series covers a comprehensive overview, unboxing and set up, and a closer look at the Unger nLite water fed poles. We also cover Unger water fed brushes, indoor cleaning and more! Check out all the videos at the link below!

Thursday 27 October 2016

Cleaner killed after gondola falls from 23rd floor

A window cleaning gondola fell from the 23rd floor of the Intiland Tower in Indonesia

In a recent article by The Jakarta Post, a cleaner was killed after a window cleaning gondola fell from the 23rd floor of the Intiland Tower located in Indonesia. The incident occurred on Wednesday at 11:15 AM.

According to key persons, the gondola was purchased a year ago and had never been used before the accident. “Last week, the gondola was repaired. It was the first time the thing was used after the repair. It was in a good condition,” he was reported as saying. A corporate public relations officer said the building’s management was still seeking an explanation for the cause of the accident from the contractor that repaired the gondola.

“Yes, there was an accident and one man was killed,” said the detective head of the Police office in Central Jakarta, on Wednesday. There has been no talk as of yet at who his responsible for the accident. 

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Gutter Season

With gutter season upon us WCR has rolled out some new videos that go in-depth with one of the  popular selling gutter vacuum and pole sets available on the market.

We hope you enjoy them and learn a thing or two. Check out the videos below:

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Moerman Excelerator in action!

Have you checked out the highly anticipated Moerman Excelerator yet?! Check out two videos below that go over key features and how it looks in action!

Great thread of updates and information here.

Thursday 13 October 2016

Boars Hair vs Nylon

What is the difference between Boars Hair and Nylon Water Fed Pole Brushes? What’s best for you? It depends on what your cleaning and at what height. This shot video breaks down both types.

Wednesday 5 October 2016

Basic Fanning Technique

Check out this basic fanning technique video on how to clean windows. More detailed and advanced window cleaning techniques later on in this instructional"how to clean windows" series. It's nicely broken down and easy to understand for those that are new to the industry. Click here to watch the video.

Friday 30 September 2016

Water Fed Pole Compare O' Meter

Have you ever wondered how the top water fed poles compete against each other? You’re not alone! Window Cleaning Resource has come up with a handy way to compare your favorite water fed pole brands. Check out the live comparison sheet below!

To compare the brands even further check out the link below. Sort, compare, analyze and crunch the stats of your favorite WFPs! Sort by brand, product name, material, actual length, type, weight, compacted length, # of sections or price.

Click here to check out the Live Water Fed Pole Comparison Guide!

Wednesday 28 September 2016

Window washers stretch safety rules...

Facing hard-to-clean sliding windows, cleaners on East 44th Street cut corners

In an article by Peter D'Amato which can be found here, a five-man crew from a company called Upgrade Services took turns leaning out and stretching to clean the farthest corners of the windows in a 1950s-era office building. This building was sixty feet above East 44th Street. 

Upgrade Services President John McDermott sent the five men back for retraining once the union had heard the risky maneuvers they attempted to perform their work. The workers were in clear violation of the state's labor law. Laws require that workers use safety harnesses or a scaffold when cleaning the outside of windows. The President of the company also went on to say, "After years on the job, veterans can get overly brave. "You get lulled into a false sense of security that it's OK to take these chances."

Wednesday 21 September 2016

Moerman Liquidator

Check out this video on the Moerman Liquidator. In celebration of the release of the Liquidator channel back in April, Moerman released some time-saving tips and tricks! Its design comes close to eliminating detailing. You can cut down on almost all wiping of window frames and edges.

Here are some Liquidator suggestions straight from Moerman:

1. Place your original Liquidator rubber in the middle of the channel
2. Use enough detergent, preferably directly on the sleeve
3. Put minimum pressure and it floats like air
4. Get a feel for the right angle of attack
5. No detailing of the window

Check out the full video below!

Last year they brought you the Liquidator, this year Moerman plans to release "The Combinator." The new 3 part window cleaning squeegee comes highly anticipated. It has the same great features as the Liquidator with all new longer lasting ending clips. It is ideal for pole work, residential and even store fronts. It is component based which allows customization according to your budget and needs.

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Window washer survives 10-story fall

Window washer falls 10 stories from scaffolding in Newport News
Live from Norfolk, Va, a 24-year-old man fell 10 stories from a Newport News high-rise building on Friday. Read the official article here. Luckily, he is expected to make a full recovery. He is currently wearing a body cast and has a broken arm, broken foot, broken back bones and bruises on his lungs and heart.

Officials say he fell from the Maritime Square building which is near 26th Street and Washington Avenue. The incident happened around 1:45 p.m. on Sept. 9 while he was window cleaning.

Martin Stanford says he remembers free-falling and then having a tough time opening his eyes at the hospital. He doesn’t recall the impact. “When I first started dropping, I saw how high up I was,” he says. “The first thing I thought was that I’m about to die, and then I woke up in the hospital and I was still alive.” Stanford says he started repelling from buildings five days before the incident.

The Virginia Department of Labor and Industry is currently conducting an open case to investigate what went wrong.

Friday 9 September 2016

Northern Lite Water Fed Pole

Alex takes a look at the new Northern Lite Water Fed Pole from our friends up North! The Northern Lite water fed pole is a great 2-3 story water fed pole for residential or commercial window cleaning. With a short collapsed length of only 63", a true length of 29' and a reach of 32'.  Weighing only 5.6lbs without the brush this is a very user friendly water fed pole. Comes complete with brush, tubing, angle adapter and fittings. More details in the video below!

Friday 2 September 2016

Superhero window washers make an appearance

Superhero window washers make an appearance at Alberta Children's Hospital

In a recent news story by the Calgary Herald, a few super heros including Spiderman, The Hulk, Ironman and Thor, washed some of the windows on the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary on Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the experience while they cleaned the windows of the hospital’s exterior. Fullerton, senior operating officer with Alberta Children’s Hospital, said patients were “so excited” to see the superheroes sliding down the building.

Fullerton went on to say, “They’re either in the hospital or visiting one of our specialty clinics, and imagine their surprise to look out the window and see these superheroes washing our windows for us,” she said. “So it’s really made it a special day here at the hospital for our children and families.”

The report continued on to say how grateful the hospital is for the community. “It just means the world to our patients and families,” Fullterton said.

Tuesday 30 August 2016

The Executive Mindset

Join Josh Latimer in his free 5 day podcast series for window cleaners titled: The Executive Mindset

This is what he says about the series:

"Please listen in and take notes as I walk you through the 10 things you need to CRUSH your business goals and build a company you can be proud of!

Building a business is one of the hardest things you will ever do in your life but can also be the most rewarding.  Take the time to invest and work on your mindset.  Be intentional about the kind of people you spend time with and allow influence in your life.

Anyone can win but not everyone will.  Why?  It's a combination of mindset and GRIT.  Ask yourself this question:  "Are you relentless?  Do you want to win so bad that your stomach hurts?"  If the answer is yes than you have what it takes as long as you operate with the correct mindset."

Though today is day four, you can still listen to past podcasts on his feed here.

Friday 26 August 2016

Monday 22 August 2016

IWCA: Online Safety Training

IWCA has a program that could be beneficial for those looking for hands-on safety training. This is a great refresher course or good for onboarding new employees. The IWCA provides various online safety training modules just for this.

The tutorial includes PowerPoint slides along with video. The material is the actual regional safety training seminar which is taught by IWCA Safety Director, Stefan Bright. Instructional videos are broken up into modules that are an hour long The IWCA suggests that videos are "designed so your office safety director, business owner or training manager can reinforce specific training issues after the program and can discuss key points with employees." Each module is $125 (for members) or $175 (for nonmembers) for the first six months.

Module 1: Plan Ahead For Safety
Addresses proper planning such as equipment use, identifying hazards, site assessments and fall protection.

Module 2: Using Rope Access for Descending a Building
Addresses how to select the right equipment, how the equipment works, how to inspect the equipment and job site prior to use, the importance of a written plan, identifying anchorage points, helping a building to understand its part in the shared responsibility of workplace safety and basic and advanced rigging techniques. 

Learn more at their website, here.

Friday 19 August 2016

New Waterfed Video Series!

Looking for more information on pure water and water fed poles? Look no further! Check out the brand new Water Fed Pole Video series from WCR! Browse in-depth videos on a variety of topics that cover pure water window cleaning, testing your water quality, understanding different purification methods, water fed pole overview and much more! Check out the videos below!

What's the next step? Check your TDS for free, use our automated water fed pole suggestion system or schedule a consulting session with John Lee, one of the top product experts at WCR and receive up to $100 off select pure water systems. Click here!

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Window washing platform fails

Failed window washing platform on US Bank Tower.
2 workers 'self rescue' from failed skyscraper platform: According to the most recent news story, a scaffolding failed on a window-washing platform on the US Bank Tower Tuesday afternoon. Luckily, it fell sideways and to the left toward a lower-level roof.

The two crew members were then able to safely escape to the neighboring building. Lt. Steve Saunders with the Cincinnati Police Department said, "At around noon, scaffolding lines on the right side of the platform appeared to fail or become loose, with the left side remaining intact. Crowds quickly gathered at Fountain Square to watch the emergency response."

The incident occurred at the US Bank Tower on Walnut Street. It is 27 stories high and 365 feet tall. The window cleaners were up at about 20 stories up when the scaffold fell sideways.

Cincinnati fire officials have not yet determined what caused the accident. East Fifth Street was closed as police as rescue crews worked at the scene. A U.S. Bancorp spokeswoman says the company is grateful there were no injuries. Cheryl Leamon noted that the company is working with building and safety officials to assess the situation and prevent further incidents.

Monday 15 August 2016

Huge Convention Wrap Up

The Huge Convention was this past weekend and it was a total success! Window cleaners gathered from all around the world to come together at the National Harbor in Maryland. There were awesome speakers, networking, classes and tons of fun! If you didn't have a chance to attend, stay tuned for more pictures and video of what went down!

All of the industries best vendors made for a jam-packed trade show. The keynote speakers were nothing short of motivating and inspiring. There is something about being in a room with positive, like-minded business owners that really makes a huge impact. We are thrilled with the turn out this year and the good reviews are already flooding in. We hope that all of the attendees took away valuable information that they can infuse into their business! If you attended, we'd love to hear your thoughts about the event. 

Friday 12 August 2016

Window Cleaning Basics 101

Are you new to window cleaning? Looking for a good series of introduction videos? Check out our Window Cleaning Basics Video Series! Alex will walk you through various topics such as straight pulls, fanning and detailing. He will also go over some products such as channels, belts, scrapers and popular soaps like Glass Gleam 3 or 4. Hope you learn a thing or two!

Tuesday 9 August 2016

Now in print!

Sure, digital books are great but nothing beats the feeling of holding an actual book in your hands. Do you agree? If you do, we have good news! The Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint is now available in print! For just $99 you can get the step-by-step guide delivered to your door (free shipping to anyone in the USA!).

Feedback has been great! Check out some of the recent testimonials from real purchasers:

"In truth if you buy, and apply this one book you don’t need any others, and you will build a successful window cleaning company. I don’t want to over hype the book. Much of the advice is simple and straightforward, and to the untrained eye one may not at first realize what gems are being given. The magic in this book is in the implementation. Follow the blueprint and you will be successful." -Mike Goeller (Brightview Cleaning)
"There is something for everyone in this book! Even as a seasoned pro, I picked up a lot of solid information and new ideas to implement. Chris did a great job pouring out his experience into these pages. I would DEFINITELY recommend reading it (unless you’re a competitor of mine lol)." -Chris Cartwright (Triple C Window Cleaning)
"I am using the Window Cleaners Marketing Blueprint book. One of the marketing tools was sending a direct mailer with a special $xxx.xx for 20 windows cleaned, plus free screens. The day after the postcards hit, I received 6 calls. Thus far, 4 of the six clients booked the job. This is a great tool to generate some business especially during the summer months. I highly recommend trying it out." -Eddie Willis (20/20 Window Cleaning, LLC)

Prefer the ebook + downloads package? No problem! You can still get that for one low price of $249! Purchase either package here.

Friday 5 August 2016

Just a few more days until the HUGE Convention

The convention is a mere days away! Don't miss the greatest industry event of the year!

Want to check out everything that's happening at the convention all in one place? Check out the Convention Mega Thread on the WCR forum! If you haven't already gotten your ticket yet do so now. There is still time (but only a little bit). Seriously, don't miss this!!!

1. The 2016 convention event is shaping up to be twice as good as last year.

What you can expect:

More high-quality speakers, presentations and classes
We have a bigger trade show with even more vendors than ever
There is even more networking events scheduled
There are even more giveaways than last year

2. Free Answering Service for 2016 convention attendees!

We’ve teamed up with AnswerForce to provide free answering service while you’re away! Take advantage of their 24/7 live answering service while you're traveling to, from and during the convention. Don't worry about missed calls! AnswerForce will handle it!

Learn more and sign up here.

3. Meet the Speakers

Check out our exclusive "Meet the Speakers" podcasts between Josh Latimer and the speakers! Stay up to date with everything behind the scenes convention related by checking out the blog!

Check out our featured 2016 speakers: 

Featured Keynote Speakers:
Joshua Latimer - The Executive Mindset
Howard Partridge - How To Build A Phenomenal Dream Team

General Speakers:
Matt Adwell - The Efficiency Filter
Jennifer Van Alstine - Business Finances 101
Santiago Arango - Referrals: Open the Floodgate!
Roman Basi - Tax Aspects of Closely-held & Family Owned Businesses
Henry Bockman - Use Systems To Automate Your Business
Beth Borrego - What's in YOUR Employee Manual?
Chris Cartwright - Suburban SEO Guide: 2016 Edition
Michael Dahlke - How I Took My Business to Over $1,000,000 FAST!
Michael Goeller - The Efficiency Filter
Allison Hester - Media Coverage: How To Get It, What To Do With It
Curt Kempton - Crafting The Ultimate Bid
Jamie Taggart - Stand Out Online and Win More Customers
Ryan Wilkins - Government and Commercial Sales

Wednesday 3 August 2016


The WCRA has been a long standing association that have benefited many professional window cleaners and business owners. Here are just some of the reasons why it pays to be a member of an industry association…

1. Stay updated on industry events. Being a member has its perks and one of those perks is discounted registration tickets to all association members. Get your convention ticket here. Use code "WCRA" for extra savings. We also keep you updated on the industry in general.

2. Access to information. The WCRA offers venues in which you can access a tremendous amount of information and knowledge. For starters, check out both the Window Cleaning Resource forum. It's free to register for an account. Yes, you heard right, it’s a free resource! Browse threads or get involved in conversations. We also offer a private forum for those that join either association! In addition to the forum, our Facebook groups are extremely popular. There are private and public groups. Some of the public ones you can join now are Professional Window Cleaners and  Window Cleaners. Private members only Facebook groups are also available.

3. Access to resources. The main goal of the memberships is to provide its users with access to top industry resources.  The WCRA focuses it's efforts on providing you with marketing support. We know you know how to clean. Running a business is the hard part. Enjoy marketing materials (post cards, door hangers, flyers, thank you cards), business development material (forms, manuals, ebooks, company handbooks), industry discounts (payroll, insurance, web/logo design, software) and much more! Members also get a standard 5% discount to Shop Window Cleaning Resource.

4. Credibility. Joining a professional industry association makes you more credible. This is why we allow members to use either the WCRA and PWRA logo on their website, marketing materials, forms, etc. We want you to show your customers that you care enough about your business and industry to join a professional organization. We offer a convenient logo pack upon joining. As long as your member, it’s yours to use however you please!

5. Education. Continued education is so important! The only way to grow your business is education. The WCRA offers just that through a variety of different channels. How do you learn best? Is it through others? Perhaps the huge convention is the one-on-one training you need (WCRA members save on admission tickets). The association also gives you access to webinars, the forum, Facebook and other networking groups as well as a ton of other great resources.

We hope you will consider joining an industry association! Your business will thank you for it.

Join the WCRA! – Need more information? Schedule a WCRA onboarding call to learn more!

Monday 1 August 2016

Hands on with the Moerman Excelerator

Thanks to Luke the Window Cleaner for posting this video on the much anticipated Moerman Excelerator! Click below to check it out! They are using a prototype but the finished product should be ready late August or early September (hopefully!).

Wednesday 27 July 2016

More industry events!

You already know about the HUGE convention and what a tremendous opportunity it is to network, learn and grow your business. If you haven't heard about it click here to get in the know. It will be filled with the industry's best classes and seminars as well as a killer tradeshow.

There are a few other industry events in the area you may want to check out. Check out a general synopsis here or read about the most anticipated events below:

1. Jack Kramers Famous Pressure Washing Class
Whether you are new to the pressure washing or roof cleaning industry, want help with cleaning more efficiently, or have employees in need of training, Jack Kramer’s pressure washing class is essential. The class will be on August 11 in National Harbor, Maryland, right before the convention. 

Participants will learn:
• What equipment will best fit your needs – including pressure washers (both hot and cold), GPM, PSI, unloaders, guns, hoses, nozzles, chemical applicators, tanks, and much more
• How to work safely and efficiently
• How to price your job for profit
• Proven methods for washing houses, roofing, and commercial properties– and more! 

2. Jeff Scotts High Rise and Safety Class
Jeff Scott of Safety Green Training will offer a High Rise Rope Access / RDS Training class on August 10 through 11 in National Harbor, Maryland, right before the kickoff of the Huge Convention. It will include two full days of training starting at 8 a.m. 

Day one is in the classroom training and will cover the following:
• Management of Safety Equipment in Industry.
• Defining differences and needs for Qualified, Competent, and Authorized Persons.
• Equipment familiarization and inspection for Harnesses, Helmets, Descenders, Fall Arrest Rope Grabs, lanyards and Energy Absorbers, Carabiners, Ropes.
• Fall Factors.
• Personal Fall Protection to include Fall Restraint, Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, Rope Access.
• Knots to include: Figure of 8 on a bight, Figure of 8 Follow Through, Figure of 9 on a bight, Alpine Butterfly, Double Figure of 8 on a bight, Double Fisherman, and Barrel Knot.
• When to use each and how much each weakens the rope.
• Legislation
• Job Hazard Analysis & Work Plans.

• Rigging & Rigging Theory.

Day two provides hands-on training and will cover the following:
• Properly donning your equipment.
• Rigging.
• Mitigating Pinch points and how to properly access your Seat Board.
• Standard Work Procedure and Motion.
• Self Rescue.

• Pick off Rescue of an incapacitated worker.

Please note that a general admission convention ticket does not include these separate off-site events. But these events do come highly recommended as reputable and worth while.

Exceed Uni-Valve

The Uni-Valve from Exceed is the latest water fed pole in line on/off valve from RHG Products.  It's non-intrusive and no permanent modifications to your pole are necessary.  It's also very easy to operate and install, a great add on for those concerned with water conservation on the job. Click below to check out the Uni-Valve Water Fed Pole Installation Video!

How does it work?

While it will only work with water fed poles that have internal tubing, it's super easy to use! Simply, tug on the tubing at the bottom of the pole to start the flow of water.  Tug on the tubing at the bottom of the pole to stop the flow of water.

Watch this demo showing how easy it is to use the Uni-Valve!

Check out the Uni-valve fitted and in action!

Blog Finished?

Chris Lambrinides taking over the window cleaning blog for a while... what have I done!!
Blog Finished? Nah... just taking some time off for moving house for a little while. Being in Spain has it's difficulties, one of them being arranging internet connection & since I'm moving slightly off grid, it's going to take me a while to organise a company capable of getting connected to the big wide web! I expect to resume blogging sometime around the middle of September, after Mark Munro's show.

Meanwhile, I'll leave you in the capable hands of Chris Lambrinides (pictured) & his team from Window Cleaning Resource. Chris is currently preparing for the biggest window cleaning show in North America - the "Huge Convention", so I'm sure he will keep you posted on what's coming up & fill you in with all of the window cleaning based news. Some UK users will recognise that some of the information is USA based, but don't worry, I'm sure the information will be very useful. Thanks window cleaning blog readers... take it easy!

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Survey For 1-14 Standard IWCA

A short survey for US based window cleaners.
I-14 Standard: Why It's Important - The I-14 Committee scope is identifying accepted safe practices for window cleaning and the purpose of the standard is to provide safety to window cleaners and to others such as a passerby, where window cleaning operations are in progress, by specifying equipment with practical and adequate safety factors and features and requiring the safe use, design and maintenance of such equipment. Click here to go to survey.

IWCA I-14 Standard Survey: Please note, this survey is being sent to window cleaning professionals within the IWCA database of all affiliations. Please submit feedback regarding the International Window Cleaning Association's I-14.1-2001 Window Cleaning Safety Standard (I-14 Standard).

The IWCA 1-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety Standard is divided into two parts, which are intended to serve as a guide for window cleaners, regulatory agencies, manufacturers, architects, consultants, designers and building owners. Part A focuses on safety guidelines for the use of window cleaning access equipment. Part B is geared toward those who manufacture, distribute, design, install or maintain the equipment. $50

Monday 25 July 2016

Lucky Escapes For Amateurs

PRECARIOUS: Serangoon residents were shocked to see a maid balancing on a window sill to do cleaning.
Maid's safety in the balance for 15 minutes: Residents of an HDB estate in Serangoon were shocked to see a domestic worker balancing precariously on a ledge to clean windows on Saturday. The incident occurred at about 2.30pm at an eighth-floor unit of Block 539 in Serangoon North Avenue 4, Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News reported yesterday.

Ms He, a 40-year-old housewife who lives at a block opposite, told Shin Min that she saw a maid climbing outside to clean the windows. "To see that maid standing on the window sill, grabbing on to the window to clean it without any safety measures on the eighth floor, it really frightened me," she added. She said she had wanted to go over to stop the maid but changed her mind when she saw that there seemed to be other people in the unit.

Another resident, Mr Chen, a 45-year-old construction worker, had also witnessed the maid's actions. "I wanted to shout at her to ask her not to do that, but I was worried that if I did, disaster may follow if she got frightened so I could only watch." Mr Chen added that the maid had spent about 15 minutes wiping the windows, most of the time squatting on the sill.

Madam He said this was the first time that she had seen the domestic worker carry out such a dangerous act. "Luckily, she climbed down safely in the end, much to my relief," she added.

Shin Min approached the maid's employer, who said that the woman had worked at his home for about five months. He said the maid was hard-working although they had some difficulty communicating.

After he saw the picture of the maid cleaning the window, the employer was shocked and said that he did not know she had done such a thing. He was normally away from home during the day, with only his mother and children around. He added that he would advise the maid to be more careful and that he had instructed her not to clean the windows' exterior since it would rain anyway.

Another lucky escape for those DIY amateurs. See below for video.
Lucky Escape For Man Stuck in Compost Bin: This guy stood on top of a compost bin so he could clean his gutters. However, the bin couldn't handle his weight, so he fell through and got stuck. He called for his family to help him, but all they did was laugh at his misery. This homeowner got away lightly & shows another case of how hiring a professional to do the job over DIY can pay for itself many times over.

This could have turned out very badly, luckily the man fell in such a way that he didn't harm himself. But in a lot of cases were knee flex is restricted when landing can cause serious damage. Extended knee landing results in serious deformation of the meniscus and cartilage and increases the risk of bone-to-bone contact and serious knee injury when the load exceeds the threshold safety height. This risk is considerably greater than the risk of injury associated with walking downhill or flexion landing activities.

Friday 22 July 2016

Fantasy & Freeman

Window cleaner Will KuyKhoven hangs out as Spider-Man from The Advertiser building in Waymouth St., Australia.
Window Cleaner Lives Out Fantasy: Was that Spider-Man scaling the outside of The Advertiser building on Waymouth St this week. In reality it was window cleaner Will KuyKhoven, who finally lived out his fantasy of incorporating his day job with his love of super heroes. “I’ve been doing this job for 12 years now and friends are always asking ‘do you feel like Spider-Man?’ or ‘do they let you dress up?’,” he says.

Mr KuyKhoven, 34, also shares his passion for caped crusaders with his sons Jacob, 14, and Byron, 5, but unlike the Marvel comic books, the reality of abseiling down large buildings is vastly different to the adventures of Spider-Man.

“There are obviously many checks and balances involved,” says Mr KuyKhoven. “We use two ropes, a main one that we work off and a safety line, and where we’re connected at the roof needs to be very secure. “All our equipment is checked and double-checked every time we do a job.”

We’re also not sure if Spider-Man ever had to do the week-long abseiling training in Melbourne that Mr KuyKhoven needed before he began work.

Kevin Smith (top right) became a "Freeman" of Lancaster.
Window cleaner becomes freeman of Lancaster: A window cleaner is among 11 people who have been named Freemen of the City of Lancaster. Kevin Smith from Morecambe will now have the right to pasture a limited number of beasts on the Marsh and enter Lancaster city free from the payment of tolls.

Nowadays the role carries few rights, but remains popular amongst those who are proud of their heritage. Those eligible to apply to become a Freeman include sons or daughters of a Freeman or Freewoman, those who have served an apprenticeship to a Freeman or Freewoman of the city for seven years, anyone born within the old city boundaries or who has lived within the old city boundaries for a period of seven consecutive years. You also have to be 16 or over.

The new Freemen could, in time, also be eligible for their share of an annual payment known as ‘Marsh Grass’. This stems from 1900 when the Lancaster Corporation secured Parliamentary powers under which the Freemen’s rights in the Marsh were extinguished subject to the payment by the Corporation of £13 per annum. Each year the 80 senior Freemen (or their widows) resident within the old city boundaries are entitled to claim the payment.

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