Saturday, 5 December 2009

Window Cleaning Videos

A few videos to keep you busy while I go missing in action for a few days...

Gary from Box Cleaning discusses the reach and wash system, how it is used in the window cleaning industry and how it allows a Window Cleaner to safely clean windows that are between 6 and 65ft high. In the second video Gary discusses the tools he has used throughout his window cleaning career and also a little know fact that Window Cleaners also clean the inside of your windows!?

Very arty high rise complilation from Legacy window cleaning in Utah entitled "It's a Long Way To the Top" parts 1 & 2.

High rise window cleaning on an office building in uptown Santiago de Chile.

Another high rise video from the 80's talking about the dangers of window cleaning.

Roof cleaning in San Diego...

Tim Hunter of Gleaming the View shows us how to clean a roof in 30 seconds:

Window washing on the aft of the "Celebrity Infinity"...

"On the Spot" with DFWCZ T.V. visits Fort Worth Window Cleaning.

This parrot called Rita has heard one too many crap window cleaners..

Dive boat charter from St.Mary's in the beautiful Isles of Scilly starts a new business..

Chris Dawber (aka Wagga) with fridge freezer & washing machine carries on his series of DIY water fed pole-ing..

Finally Jason Simons -the "Taffmaster" shows how good a window cleaner he was before he became a hypnotist.

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