Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Window Cleaning Videos From the Week

Chris Dawber aka "Wagga" carries on his series of DIY water fed pole-ing. The first video shows his trigger mechanisms for his waterfed pole equipment, the second video his back-pack modifications & the third his back-pack system in action.

Love this video showing how extremely ergonomic Wagtail tools are..

Perry demonstrates the fastest way to load a DI tank with resin. The second video from this waterfed pole company in Australia is an explanation video for how to use their dual action water-feed tubes.

The smallest squeegee in the world?

BNM contracting tells you how to start a window cleaning business..

Tony Evans of "A New View window cleaning" gives us another episode in the new "weather or not" winter edition.

Window Cleaning Resource now stock "screen magic" for all you folks that need to clean them, here's how to do it...

A short film with that music you recognise so well..

Tim Hunter of "Gleaming the View" shows us what happens with blocked gutters.

Fastest high-rise window cleaner out there with Presto Property Services..

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