Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Window washing platform fails

Failed window washing platform on US Bank Tower.
2 workers 'self rescue' from failed skyscraper platform: According to the most recent news story, a scaffolding failed on a window-washing platform on the US Bank Tower Tuesday afternoon. Luckily, it fell sideways and to the left toward a lower-level roof.

The two crew members were then able to safely escape to the neighboring building. Lt. Steve Saunders with the Cincinnati Police Department said, "At around noon, scaffolding lines on the right side of the platform appeared to fail or become loose, with the left side remaining intact. Crowds quickly gathered at Fountain Square to watch the emergency response."

The incident occurred at the US Bank Tower on Walnut Street. It is 27 stories high and 365 feet tall. The window cleaners were up at about 20 stories up when the scaffold fell sideways.

Cincinnati fire officials have not yet determined what caused the accident. East Fifth Street was closed as police as rescue crews worked at the scene. A U.S. Bancorp spokeswoman says the company is grateful there were no injuries. Cheryl Leamon noted that the company is working with building and safety officials to assess the situation and prevent further incidents.

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