Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Moerman Liquidator

Check out this video on the Moerman Liquidator. In celebration of the release of the Liquidator channel back in April, Moerman released some time-saving tips and tricks! Its design comes close to eliminating detailing. You can cut down on almost all wiping of window frames and edges.

Here are some Liquidator suggestions straight from Moerman:

1. Place your original Liquidator rubber in the middle of the channel
2. Use enough detergent, preferably directly on the sleeve
3. Put minimum pressure and it floats like air
4. Get a feel for the right angle of attack
5. No detailing of the window

Check out the full video below!

Last year they brought you the Liquidator, this year Moerman plans to release "The Combinator." The new 3 part window cleaning squeegee comes highly anticipated. It has the same great features as the Liquidator with all new longer lasting ending clips. It is ideal for pole work, residential and even store fronts. It is component based which allows customization according to your budget and needs.

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