Wednesday, 3 August 2016


The WCRA has been a long standing association that have benefited many professional window cleaners and business owners. Here are just some of the reasons why it pays to be a member of an industry association…

1. Stay updated on industry events. Being a member has its perks and one of those perks is discounted registration tickets to all association members. Get your convention ticket here. Use code "WCRA" for extra savings. We also keep you updated on the industry in general.

2. Access to information. The WCRA offers venues in which you can access a tremendous amount of information and knowledge. For starters, check out both the Window Cleaning Resource forum. It's free to register for an account. Yes, you heard right, it’s a free resource! Browse threads or get involved in conversations. We also offer a private forum for those that join either association! In addition to the forum, our Facebook groups are extremely popular. There are private and public groups. Some of the public ones you can join now are Professional Window Cleaners and  Window Cleaners. Private members only Facebook groups are also available.

3. Access to resources. The main goal of the memberships is to provide its users with access to top industry resources.  The WCRA focuses it's efforts on providing you with marketing support. We know you know how to clean. Running a business is the hard part. Enjoy marketing materials (post cards, door hangers, flyers, thank you cards), business development material (forms, manuals, ebooks, company handbooks), industry discounts (payroll, insurance, web/logo design, software) and much more! Members also get a standard 5% discount to Shop Window Cleaning Resource.

4. Credibility. Joining a professional industry association makes you more credible. This is why we allow members to use either the WCRA and PWRA logo on their website, marketing materials, forms, etc. We want you to show your customers that you care enough about your business and industry to join a professional organization. We offer a convenient logo pack upon joining. As long as your member, it’s yours to use however you please!

5. Education. Continued education is so important! The only way to grow your business is education. The WCRA offers just that through a variety of different channels. How do you learn best? Is it through others? Perhaps the huge convention is the one-on-one training you need (WCRA members save on admission tickets). The association also gives you access to webinars, the forum, Facebook and other networking groups as well as a ton of other great resources.

We hope you will consider joining an industry association! Your business will thank you for it.

Join the WCRA! – Need more information? Schedule a WCRA onboarding call to learn more!

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