Friday, 6 December 2013

Jesse Green The Cartoon Guy - The Subconscious

“Off the Deep End” - A weekly window cleaning cartoon strip by Jesse Green. woke up this morning 5 seconds before the alarm on my phone went off. Sometimes it's 10 seconds, sometimes 30. But always it's close.

How does my body know to wake up that precisely? It's not just due to repetition because sometimes I set the alarm for 6:00, other times 6:30 and on the weekends, I'll even sleep in to 7:00.

It's the deeper brain that does the remembering for me. The subconscious mind. 

Like an iceberg, the tip of which floats above water the conscious mind is the small part of us exposed to the air. It has the ability to focus and think. But deeper below the surface there is much more to us than the part that asks; “where are my car keys? , I think I'm going to make toast, hey look an airplane!” 

Like a good team, your brain needs to work together if you want to imagine and realize your potential. No one part can do all the work. 

Most likely, though it is your conscious mind that is the real slacker. The part that keeps repeating song lyrics and forgets where you put the car keys. The part that worries about your bank account and wonders if your favorite T.V. Show will get canceled. 

It's not your fault, though. Besides the fact that your parents or teachers smacked you in the cranium from time to time and said, “pay attention”, most likely, you were never really taught to focus your mind. 

The way I ran my window cleaning business in the first year, I could have used a light rapping on the noggin. I had no system for organizing my window cleaning gear, I had no systematic way of pricing jobs, let alone a good style of interacting with the customer. 

You can imagine that the results weren't always spectacular. Rushing around trying to figure out which window I cleaned last and whether I was going left to right or right to left with the order. My supplies scattered throughout the house. 

Now, I realize that the scatter-shot approach wasn't just due to my inexperience, it was the result of a disorganized mind. 

Later, through hypnosis and meditation I learned to focus my mind and my problems with losing my car keys, running out of gas and burning the toast came to an end... and my business improved too. 

I also started to see how my conscious mind was programming my subconscious mind on a daily basis. Feeding it thoughts and emotions. Obsessively listening to the “fear factory” as I call the news was regularly sending thoughts of worry and anxiety to my subconscious mind. Watching pointless T.V. Shows filled with petty drama increased this feeling dread even more. 

Becoming aware of your self talk can help you in your window cleaning business immensely. What are you saying about other people, what are you saying about what you like and dislike? 

“I hate people, I hate cleaning these kinds of windows, I hate when it's raining.” 

If you are feeding yourself thoughts like those, you shouldn't be surprised when people start crossing the street to avoid you. 

However, the funny thing is that you don't need to feed yourself good thoughts. You only need to point yourself in the right direction and focus to become a magnet for the things you need. You deeper mind already knows. 

Like the Rolling Stone song says: “You can't always get what you want But if you try sometimes, well you might find You get what you need”
Jesse Green of Sparkle King in Cape Cod, Massachusetts: Hi, my name is Jesse Green. I have the fortunate job of cleaning windows and gutters in a really great place - Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I fell in love with the area when I came to see my friends get married here. The history, the natural beauty, and most of all the people won me over. I have been very fortunate. Cape Codders have welcomed me with open arms – spreading the word and referring me to friends and family.

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