Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Wagtail JetStream

Leaders in window cleaning tool design.
The Wagtail JetStream: This is another revolutionary piece of equipment from 'Down Under' -  the Wagtail JetStream is the latest invention from Willie Erken that will take over the window cleaning World especially in the World of Waterfed poles. Utilizing the same pivotal motion as the world famous Wagtail hand tools, the Wagtail JetStream allows the water fed pole user to access windows where there is an obstacle below or to the side.

Multiple jets for a better rinse.
Allowing the user to stand diagonal from a window and easily reach each corner of the glass high above and efficiently clean all surfaces with minimal strain. The JetStream not only easily pivots from side to side, but glides across the glass providing overhead jets that saves lifting the washing head off the glass as is normal with Waterfed pole brush heads. Cleaning glass without brush contamination i.e. leaving marks on the glass & multiple jet rinsing ability sets the JetStream apart. You must watch the video below!

A World apart - changes the way you use your wfp.
Window Cleaning World - Early Adopter Pre-Release version of the Wagtail JetStream (14 inch only) at Window Cleaning World. Get in quick we only have 50! Peter at Window Cleaning World has pre-release orders for the JetStream (how he got them we'll never know!), if you want to be one of the lucky ones - go here now!
In Canada? Click the picture.
Meanwhile if you missed out on the above offer, Window Cleaning Resource will offer Wagtail tools & equipment for interested parties. Canada here. Also see the Wagtail Orbit blog here.

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