Friday, 20 December 2013

The Mole & Jersey Show Episode 6

Informative. Inspirational. Better than a cat video.
The Mole & Jersey Show: A new kinda show has come to town - have you seen it yet? A lot like Window Cleaning Nation only with a reckless abandon & inside jokes that probably only window cleaners would get. Episode 6 features film star Alex Lambrinides of Window Cleaning Resource (WCR), where somehow they can't even pronounce his name right. Meanwhile.. if you missed previous episodes, you can find them on this blog but go direct to source for all them, although you may be missing a few latest episodes due to chemtrails. This weeks episode can be found HERE.

Michael Mole is a window cleaning and pressure washing guru who resides in Savanah, Georgia.  The outspoken Mr. Mole is a regular on most industry forums and is liked by dozens in the industry, and his mom thinks he is the coolest guy she knows.  He’s a married man ladies so back off!  He also has an awesome son.  If you call him Mike, you may get on his bad side.

Jersey Josh DOES NOT live in New Jersey, but Wisconsin. False advertising you might say? Well no one asked you. He owns a window cleaning company that gets to enjoy great weather for at least 3 months of the year. A married father of 2 who Michael’s mom also thinks is an alright guy. Yes he likes cheese, and no he’s not a douche.

Mail yo’ swag to: 1313 Maiden Lane, Racine, Wisconsin 53403

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