Friday, 11 January 2013

Spidermen Everywhere & Las Vegas Company Fined

Merrill Hunt as Spider-man in action. Click to enlarge.
Nation in focus: Sao Doan, 5, right, watches as her mom, Tiffany Ringer, both of Kenneth City, snaps a photo of Merrill Hunt dressed as Spiderman as he washes her window at All Children's Hospital Thursday morning Jan. 10, 2013. Three window cleaners dressed as Spider-Man from High Rise Window Cleaning Company started cleaning windows on the outside of All ChildrenÍs Hospital Thursday morning.

Sick children's surprise: A window washer dressed as Spider-Man gives sick kids a treat at All-Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. This Spider-Man may not be able to everything a spider can, but he has a couple of big things going for him. He does windows, and he offers some much needed cheer to sick children. Jon Powers, with High Rise Window Cleaning in Tampa, surprised kids at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg Thursday morning when he went into full Spider-Man mode while cleaning exterior windows.The window washer says he likes to dress up as the comic book superhero to help cheer up the young patients.

Dozens of children got a big surprise when window washers dressed as Spider-Man descended on the outside of All Children's Hospital on Thursday. The workers from Clearwater's High Rise Window Cleaners made several trips from the top of the building to the ground, washing windows and waving at patients. Child life clinical coordinator Holly Ott relished the chance to bring in the super hero. "Today at All Children's we had a really exciting opportunity to meet any child's hero, Spider-Man, climbing up the sides of the building, surprising chidren and making their day," Ott said. The event offered kids a chance to experience something they aren't likely to encounter again. And for Ott, the best part of the appearance was the surprise. 

Vdara, window washing company face fines for accident: Two companies, including the Vdara Hotel, face fines from OSHA after four people were trapped on a window washing rig 35 floors up in July. Both the Vdara Hotel and the window washing company, Sentinel Maintenance, were fined thousands by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which recommended citations for both companies. This report shows that emergency measures saved the men from falling. According to a safety narrative News 3 received from OSHA, the problem stemmed from lack of training.
Two window washers were operating this lift for two maintenance workers, who needed to fix a window. The maximum load for the scaffold is 750 pounds. The report says that's typically safe for two workers and their tools. According to OSHA, the weight limit was exceeded by the extra two people and the lift started slipping. The men were saved from falling further when the emergency brake kicked in. It took fire crews five hours to get them down safely.
OSHA found the employers didn't provide written work procedures for the safe use of the lift as part of worker training. According to the paperwork, the Vdara didn't ensure their employees went through the proper training until after the incident. Because of the lack of training and guides, OSHA fined the Vdara nearly $3,000 for a serious violation. It also fined Sentinel Maintenance nearly $4,500 for four violations.

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