Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Links, Deals & A Tattoo Or Two

WCR or Window Cleaning Resources have become a familiar name on most peoples computers. One guy above even had their logo inscribed into his leg. Now.... just need some sun!

So you're on facebook? What now? Need some hints & tips from old hands? This group is now the largest window cleaning group in the World on facebook. Just click the picture above to take you there.

Got any window cleaning tattoos? The famous Slayer wide bodied channels from WCR were a hit for many for their precision pulling ability & wide lengths. This young attendee of a previous IWCA meeting in Reno was so impressed he had the Slayer logo tattooed on his ankle. 

If you missed a previous blog about Chris Wilson & his amazing custom T-Shirts. You still have chance to get hold of one. Start posting right now. Chris Wilson of Ojai Valley, California creates custom T-shirts for Window Cleaners just like you & me.

In the market for a new Waterfed Pole? Great deals on wfp's are happening right now. While you're there - pick up your Free WFP manual, just click the picture above or click here.

Cold enough for you?  Keep your hands warm while you work with these neoprene glove by Glacier Gloves. The Perfect Curve Gloves are fleece lined premium 2mm yamamoto neoprene with perfect curved fingers for great dexterity. They are blind stitched and glued to be waterproof. Get them here, or click the picture above.

Systems for your business? The first system package from Window Cleaning Resource will be released Feb 15th! Business systems are free for members of the WCRA. Basically there are 5 main areas in the business, each area is broken down into dozens of categories and over a thousand individual systems. Chris Lambrinides of WCR says "Putting this stuff together has been my life's work, it really means a lot to me." "Creating and testing this stuff has taken a lot of time... & I just want to put it out in a way that its really appreciated." "Not because I need a pat on the back, but because if its distributed correctly and with thought it will be more valuable to those receiving it." "They will think about it more, be more excited to receive it and hopefully build better businesses because of it." To see a previous blog on WCRA, go here.

National Service Providers (NSP) in North America - love 'em or hate them, they still provide work. But how good are they at paying? Join & add to the national list if you know one near you or have worked for one here. Hopefully it will turn into a large permanent database, where window cleaners can relate & work out if it's in their interests to work with any independent service provider.

The new national averages widget from Responsibid is a new free tool embedded on the right hand side at WCR. It updates in real time & shows what other window cleaners across the World are charging for window cleaning services. Ever wondered how your your pricing stacks up against the competition? Now you know! Check it out today.

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