Thursday 17 January 2013

Lucky Escape For Window Cleaner As Van Is Stolen

Window cleaners Steve Conboy , 39 , and step son Ben Mather , 19 , whose van was stolen while they were working on a job The incident that happened in Reddish near to their home on Crterion Street in Reddish. Click to enlarge.
Window cleaner left hanging after thieves steal his van: Thieves stole a window cleaner’s van – while he was hanging off the back holding onto a hose. Ben Mather was still attached to the back of his stepfather Steve Conboy’s white Ford Transit by a water hose when it was stolen in Reddish. The 19-year-old managed to unhook himself from the equipment as it unravelled as the driver sped off. The incident happened at about 10.30am on Monday on Wentworth Road as Ben and Steve, who owns SWS Cleaning Services, were doing their rounds. The theft happened when Steve went briefly to speak to Ben at the rear of the van. Neither had chance to get a look at the driver. Police arrived on the scene shortly afterwards but the van has yet to be recovered.

Steve, who lives on nearby Criterion Street, says his livelihood has been severely affected by the theft. He said: “Ben was still attached to the van. He could have easily been killed. It’s only just sinking in now. I couldn’t believe it. “Everything was in that van, all the equipment, poles, water tanks, my house keys, customer lists. “I saved for seven years to buy the van. “I’d only had it six months so it didn’t have signage on yet. It was in pristine condition. “Everyone knows us around here, I’ve been going for 11 years. “The insurance company can’t do anything yet because the van hasn’t been recovered.” Steve is offering a £500 reward for the safe return of the van. Its registration number is E008NUH.
Wentworth Road, scene of the robbery.

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