Saturday, 20 December 2008

Squeegee Video Tricks & Tips

Here are a few tricks from Sörbo Samuelsson of Sörbo or SPC tools. Discover new and better ways of cleaning windows with innovative techniques and tools. Get fresh ideas on how to do windows better, more easily, more ergonomically and more profitably. Also see "The Sörbo Way."

All work and no fun is not good for anyone. Here's a technique developed to take care of that prerequisite. But don't let that fool you. It's a perfectly viable technique of doing windows, and you can express your artistic side at the same time. Great for killing time on a Friday afternoon.

You've heard of the jitterbug and the macarena. You've seen The Circler. Continuing our fun series, watch The Swirl. For some real serious speeds, use longer squeegee 3X4 adjustable channels. For French windows, use the MultiSqueegee®.

Here's Sörbo with both barrels blazing. Lots of movement, plenty of action, but this is just part of our fun series. If you really want to get done fast, try out longer squeegee channels or 'The Eliminator'.

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