Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Sörbo Way

Discover new and better ways of cleaning windows with innovative techniques and tools. Get fresh ideas on how to do windows better, more easily, more ergonomically and more profitably.

Before you can do a fabulous window cleaning job, you gotta get rid of the cobwebs and debris around the window frame. To have an edge over the competition you need to pay attention to details. 100 percent is only good enough. To really impress, go 150 percent!

While this might seem like the no-brainer aspect of window cleaning, it's actually a key part of the process. The proper use of the washer/ scrubber wand can make a big difference in the neatness of your work. Proper wetting and washer orientation can make squeegeeing much easier. Watch the master at work and avoid the most common window washing mistakes. As usual there is an emphasis on ergonomics and efficiency.

We're all about efficiency and ergonomics and the Z Method is just another step in that pursuit. Developed specifically to take advantage of our unique channels, this technique will let you accomplish more with less effort. Sounds counter-intuitive we know, so don't take our word for it. Watch and learn from Master Sorbo himself.

Here's an alternative (and perhaps more interesting) view of the Z Method how-to. Notice how the picture becomes clearer and clearer as the video progresses.

You'll flip when you see this technique. Proof positive that we bend over backwards for the professional window cleaner. Watch and learn this technique and save your wrist from over-rotation. Don't try this with any other brand. This technique only works with Sorbo Products squeegees. With the recent election, everyone's tired of all the flip-flopping. Well here's a chance for you to flip without flopping.

Sure it's graceful and almost artsy, but if you were trying to accomplish the most in a given amount of time, we wouldn't reccommend this technique. Watch the clip just the same. A classic one for old time's sake.

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