Thursday, 10 December 2015

Webinar Tonight - Automate - Grow - Sell

 8:00 pm Eastern Time (US and Canada), GMT +5 (1 a.m.)
Window Cleaning Webinar Tonight: Chris Lambrinides and Josh Latimer founded cleaning companies from scratch with no money. Fast forward a few years and they had a combined 75+ employees with just under $500,000 a month in collective revenue. Let them show you EXACTLY what they did to achieve this. Better yet, Josh only worked 4 hours a week on his business the last two years he owned it. The content in this webinar series took Josh 2 months to put together. It is REAL insight with zero fluff.

Automate - Learn the nuts and bolts of how to build systems into your business that will create freedom so you can spend your life doing what you really want. 

Grow - Josh and Chris grew their combined service businesses to over 75 employees with just under one half million a month in revenue. Learn how you can triple your revenue with-in 24 months from guys who have done it.

Sell - Find out why you should build your business to sell even if you never plan on selling it. Learn the techniques, create real value and equity in your business. 

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