Monday, 21 December 2015

Guard Dog Attacks Window Cleaner

Window cleaner tells how he fought for his life during attack by Alsatian guard dog.
Window cleaner tells how he fought for his life during attack by Alsatian guard dog: A window cleaner has told how he fought for his life after an Alsatian attacked him while he was working at a house. Chris Cooper said he thought he was going to die after the guard dog tore at his face, his throat, his chest and his arms. The 33-year, from Knighton, Leicester, said: "As I grappled with the dog I could see in its eyes that it wanted to kill me. "It all happened so fast but I knew I had to fight for my life otherwise it would rip my throat out."

Chris said the dog went for his face as he bent down while cleaning the ground floor windows at the back of a house in Aylestone, at about 3.30pm on Thursday. He said: "Before I knew what was happening the dog had its teeth in my face, then it went for my throat as I tried to fight it off. "It bit me in the chest. I thrust my right wrist in its mouth and as it chewed on that I grabbed it by the throat with my other hand."

Chris, who is 6 ft tall and 16 stones, said his size allowed him to overpower the dog briefly. He said: "When I had the dog by the throat I opened the back gate and threw it in. "The attack probably only lasted about 30 seconds but it felt like an hour."

Chris went to Leicester Royal Infirmary where some of his wounds were glue together. He said he had cleaned windows at the house up to 20 times before and had met the dog. He said: "Despite my injuries I don't want the dog to be put down. "I was brought up with dogs and my mum breeds them. "It was just doing his job. I was just unlucky that it somehow got through the gate." Chris said he called the police and they are due to visit him on Tuesday.

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