Thursday, 3 December 2015

UK Window Cleaners Down League In Tipping

UK window cleaners, bottom of the league when it comes to tips.
Britons fall out of love with tipping - do you always leave a tip? Millions of Britons do not leave tips and those who do give just 7 per cent on average, according to new research. A survey by uniform provider Simon Jersey found one in 10 people in Britain do not leave tips, with plumbers, window cleaners and beauticians the least likely to be left extra money. Respondents said they are most likely to tip waiters and waitresses, with the most popular reason being polite service (61 per cent). Only 20 per cent of the 2,000 people surveyed said they always leave a tip and 31 per cent said they only do so if they receive 'exceptional' service. Top 10 professions tipped;

1. Waiters/Waitresses

2. Taxi drivers

3. Hairdressers/barbers

4. Takeaway delivery drivers

5. Hotel staff

6. Café/coffee shop workers

7. Bar staff

8. Beauticians

9. Window cleaners

10. Plumbers

A spokesman for Simon Jersey said: "Tipping is something which is customary and not compulsory, but this can make it quite confusing as there are no hard and fast rules. "Some people always leave 10 per cent of the bill, regardless of how much this is, whereas others put down a random amount based on their experience or what they have in their purse or pockets.

"And it seems it's not just the level of service you receive which is the deciding factor in how much money you leave as a tip, or even if one is left at all. "Being polite and friendly is a big factor in whether any extra is left on top of the bill, but even the appearance of the server contributes to the tip left." Top 10 reasons we tip;

1. If they were polite

2. If they had put more effort into their work than they really needed to

3. If they were friendly and chatty

4. If they smiled

5. If they appeared to be extremely busy but still completed my work to a high standard

6. If they had completed the work earlier or quicker than expected

7. If they looked smart and tidy

8. I asked something out of the ordinary of them

9. If they were wearing a nice uniform

10. If they were attractive or I fancied them

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