Friday, 16 January 2009

Master Window Cleaner 2009 - Tim Hunter - Gleaming the View

The Master Window Cleaners of America is a Window Cleaning Association for Residential and Route Window Cleaners founded in 2004 by Jack Nelson. Their primary goal is to elevate the public status of experienced Professional Residential and Route (UK round ) Window Cleaners.
Master Window Cleaners of America is an Association run by the Members who decide together what the future will be and as a Member your vote counts. Started by 5 Window Cleaners from 5 different areas of the United States, their window cleaning experience totals over a 100 years.
By Associating with other experienced Professional Window Cleaners across the country, you will be better able to serve your customers needs, being a member. MWCoA gathers and provides helpful information to its Members in all aspects of Window Cleaning and especially in the area of advertising. They also encourage a wide range of Memberships in Window Cleaning organizations.

Each year the MWCoA take time to award one of its members as the Window Cleaner of the year. This year that vote was won by Tim Hunter by a narrow margin over Dwight Rowe & Rob Young. Tim runs "Gleaming the view" window cleaning from Beaverton, Oregon. You may remember this picture of Tim from the 2008 IWCA convention in San Diego above. "Gleaming the view" is actively looking for career-minded individuals to open branches of "Gleaming the View" in the following areas: Salem, Seaside & Lincoln City. Tim will receive a truckful of prizes & also receive the distinction of being MWCoA window cleaner of the year for 2009. Well done Tim.

The MWCoA welcomes all window cleaners new & old to join the association & there's no better time to sign up. For $50 you receive the equivalent in value just in window cleaning tools. Why not try it? With over 300 members in America & Internationally, you have nothing to loose & you may even get to stay! I know I did!

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