Saturday, 3 January 2009

Its 2009! - Happy New Year

Happy New year Folks. Millions of people are expected to brave sub-zero temperatures to welcome in 2009, in what is forecast to be the coldest New Year’s since the mid-1990s. The credit crunch will cast a further chill over 2009 & planning for them could make or break your business this year. Keeping ahead of the game with additional services can double or triple your income from some customers instead of only doing the windows. So is diversifying the key to your business? Or making your business more lean & economical sound in the current climate? I would agree with those who say to broaden their offering, increasing opportunities. Just be sure you don't spread yourself out so much, to where you lose your effectiveness at your main business.

There are a few add-ons you could look into, the first featured product is Rainflow. It is provided by window cleaning resource over in America & can be a hefty income producer. See the videos below for more info'. Also see previous blog on gutter cleaning.

Some more window cleaning hints & tips from Tony (Mr. Squeegee) & Mark..

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Excellent Content. Thank you gives me some good idea's!!

Dennis Ivie
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