Monday, 5 August 2013

Would You Let This Man Clean Your Windows?

David Merrett, a window cleaner leaving Truro Crown Court after pleading guilty to assault.
Would you let him clean your windows? Detectives believe a "violent and unpredictable" window cleaner who admitted assaulting a man may have left further victims fearing attack. A lengthy investigation into David Merrett, 45, of Trelawney Rd, Falmouth, culminated in him admitting assault causing actual bodily harm (ABH) against Neil Drummond in June last year. The notorious thug, with a string of violent offences, pleaded guilty on Friday before a three-day trial was due to take place at Truro Crown Court on Monday.

Adjourning his sentence to later this month, Judge Christopher Harvey-Clarke, QC, called for pre-sentence reports paying particular attention to the risks of Merrett reoffending. Detective Constable Rick Milburn, who headed the investigation, said more of Merrett's victims may be yet to come forward. He said the incident stemmed from Merrett's window cleaning business, accusing the victim of losing him money. During the incident, Merrett punched and kicked Mr Drummond and stamped on his head in a frenzied, unprovoked attack in Waterloo Road.
David Merrett leaving Truro Crown Court.

Mr Drummond had been cleaning lime plaster from a window at 1.30pm, near Merrett's home. DC Milburn said: "Mr Drummond was doing light duties because he had undergone eye surgery to re-attach a detached retina. "Merrett accused him of losing him money, saying he had lost him work. He then asked him if he wanted a chinning and punched him on the chin."

He said Merrett became enraged, punching the victim, who fell to the ground where he was kicked and punched to the ribs, kidneys and face. "A taxi driver pulled over and shouted, 'don't you think he's had enough?' and Merrett stopped," he added. DC Milburn said the attack was aggressive and had a massive impact on the victim's life. Merrett had denied a charge of causing grievous bodily harm but admitted ABH, which carries a maximum five-year prison sentence.

DC Milburn added: "It should carry extra gravity because of the time of day and happened in a built up residential area when there was likely to be families and young children about. "What worries me most about the incident is the sudden aggression of Merrett and what appears to be a very unpredictable and aggressive nature to total strangers. "He is a large, unpredictable individual. People don't want to aggravate him or put themselves in a vulnerable position." He said Merrett has appeared in court about 20 times for more than 34 offences, including an attack on his mother, town councillor Diana Merrett in 2011, for which he was given a ten-week suspended prison sentence.

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