Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Window Cleaning Magazine - April Edition

The latest Window Cleaning Magazine (WCM) hits the market today, membership is free & obligatory to read the magazine. Lots of new articles & a joy to read. Download it here now and if you've missed the previous editions, they are free to download at the same time. This months edition features these topics & much, much more..
  • Sky Pro window cleaning system - Automated window cleaning.
  • Dressed for business - by Simon Sherwood
  • Gardiner/Grippa Tank - Exclusive interview.
  • WCM interviews the IWCA.
  • What can members expect?
  • Nominations - WCM wfp awards.
  • WCM takes a look at SimPole.
  • Interview with Mark Henderson - Window cleaning Italian style.
  • Robinson-Solutions blog speaks to Jeff Brimble - the WFP king.
  • Nationwide window cleaners - We are one.
  • The new Reach-iT MiNi - We talk to Perry from China.
  • Are window cleaners in the UK exempt from drought orders?
  • And much, much more.

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