Sunday, 24 October 2010

5 Minutes With A Free Wagtail Whirlwind (Mexico Edition)

Just to cheese everyone off as the weather gets slightly worse, I thought I'd add this video showing a sunny climate! So I was in Cancun, Mexico earlier this year for a little down time from window cleaning. On my previous trips to the Caribbean including Mexico & the Dominican Republic, I'd always seen the workers clean the windows at frightening slow speeds & with barely a rubber left in their squeegee that it was ruining my holiday. I even took the squeegee off them a few times & showed them how it was done - & also wished I'd taken the workers a decent squeegee to play with. 

Or was it a ruse? The worse equipment they had, the slower the workers would get the job done & so the time it would take them would also keep them in a job? So it was with a spring in my step that I ventured over this time with a Wagtail Whirlwind in my hand & collared the nearest window cleaner hoping to add a smile to his day. The results are shown below with Max, who took to the Wagtail like a fish to water. Only after a few minutes, he was sticking the Wagtail on a pole (if you can call it that) & off he went! Nearing the end of my holiday I caught up with Max down by the beach bar. He said that he had cut his time in half by using the Wagtail & now had time to cool off with a drink in the shade!

I'm giving away a pair of 14" & 18" Wagtail Whirlwinds today on this blog. Just send an email to with the subject tile of "free wagtail" & I'll pick at random one lucky winner from the auto number generator to see who wins. Please rate the above video on You Tube here if you liked it. Thanks, Karl.


Bren-Mark said...

What a great article to read! this one was really informative! this one is a sweet looking site! good job..

Unknown said...

That was one cool window cleaning video from paradise! Sure beats doing it in the snow!

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