Tuesday, 19 October 2010

New iPhone GlassRenu App' For Window Restorers

New free app' out today. The GlassRenu Job Estimation Tool application, currently available for use on the iPhone, is designed to work in conjunction with the family of GlassRenu Scratch Removal systems to aid the user in effectively estimating restoration jobs. Available for free download through the App Store, the Job Estimation Tool is designed to work within any existing company structure allowing the user the ability to photograph and estimate jobs, geo-tag the job location, email estimate forms to customers and overall streamline the process of getting more work. Please direct any questions or comments about this App to sales@glassrenu.com

Don't Replace — Renu! The GlassRenu Scratch Removal System is the industry’s premier solution for removing scratches and acid damage of any size and depth from all types of glass. With GlassRenu, you’ll be able to repair 75% - 95% of the glass panels you previously had to replace – in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.
Patented Dry Grinding System

Developed in the field by our company founder, GlassRenu is a patented dry grinding process that “renews” the original clarity and luster of glass by removing even the most severe damage without distortion. The GlassRenu process is unique among all other scratch removal or wet polishing systems. It’s easy to learn and easy to master. Repairs are performed quickly - without all the mess and set-up of other systems.

Users on three different continents tell us that their results are so amazing, many of their customers can’t believe that the glass was repaired and not replaced. Professional Tools for Glass Professionals: GlassRenu has changed the glass repair industry forever. Glass technicians in numerous countries are suddenly more productive, more profitable and able to repair glass that could only have been replaced in the past.

Earlier this year, I talked to Cody Thomas from GlassRenu in Amsterdam. Check out more links for Glass Renu here.

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