Thursday, 27 November 2008

RoundTracker V4 Window Cleaning Softwear

Mark Henderson of Window Cleaning Resources has just released the fully functional release of Roundtracker Version 4. Click the Roundtracker V4 at top of page to take you to the videos now!

Easy to navigate and intuitive to’s all there in front of you! Entering customer information is quick and easy. Unlike many software programs for window cleaners there is no need to navigate through different screens in order to access or update information. All information is there in front of you, which may at first glance look complicated, but in practice makes life easier. Pop up notes, video tutorials and online support included.

Flexible to meet the needs of your want got it! We realize that not all window cleaners manage their round in the same way. Round Tracker v4 is designed in such a way that you can use the program to generate job lists based on any number of factors and combinations by using the filter tools. Job frequency is calculated in days so it doesn’t matter if you run a 4 week or a calendar month schedule. We know that the weather can upset your schedule so rescheduling work is a piece of cake! We can even customise the program to meet your specific needs.

What will it do to help my business?........ more organised, more money! Being organised and efficient when it come to the scheduling of your work will not only help you to maintain a good reputation as being professional and reliable, but knowing exactly what jobs are to do and which jobs are priority, will also mean an increase in earnings as you make the most of your day.

Home page
The hub of the program, this is where you enter the customer info. Generate and print flexible job lists or debt lists quickly according to any criteria you wish. Customer status profile tells you the number and value of new, active, irregular or inactive customers that you have and the total monthly value of your round. Prioritise and refine your work. Include job notes or reminders to take certain equipment. Calendar view - see what round would be due on any given day in the future. Re-schedule overdue work or first time cleans. See at a glance how much is due today, due tomorrow and total outstanding in the work overview.
PDA Worksheet
Transfer your round or job list to take with you on a PDA device and update as you go. This page can also be used as a ‘notepad’ for reorganising the order jobs appear in the round. If you wish to give a job list to employees without the prices shown, you can do that here.
Income History Keep track of work done each day by transferring it to this page. Using the date filters, see immediately how much work was done on any given date or period. Include job history notes that you can refer back to (eg. said to “miss this time”, price increase, change of frequency etc.)
Simple Accounts
Keep a record of the total amount of earnings and expenses for each day. Enter how many hours you worked to be shown average hourly earnings after expenses. See from the average earnings which round is the most lucrative and which is least to help refine your work.

Full Accounts
Keep a record of all money handled, cash or cheque. Show movement of money as it is deposited in back and record expenses. This page reflects your bank statements as well as cash in hand. Using a code for each type of transaction and expense, you can quickly see how much you have spent on any given category and when as well as how much takings you received as cash, cheque or BACS payment or otherwise. Reconcile your records with your bank statements to trace bank errors or errors in your own record keeping.
Invoice Records
Create 10 invoices automatically and once printed, add them to your invoice records. Include Purchase Order numbers, supplier reference numbers if you need to. VAT is automatically calculated if you tick the box on the Home page indicating you are VAT registered. Keep a record of your invoices and when they are paid (including part payments). Set payment terms (eg. to be paid in 28 days) and when it becomes overdue the invoice shows up as being LATE.
Print Invoices
Print from 1 to 10 automatically generated invoices at a time.Professional layout based on the invoices included in our Business Stationery Templates Kit.Personalise the invoices to suit your business with a choice of logos or by using your own.Add further information to the invoice body if need be.
Quote Calculator
Put this sheet on your PDA or smart phone and use to help you quote for larger jobs.Calculate the quote based on estimated time and target hourly rate,Quote larger jobs in sections to provide quotes for specific areas of the job.
*Requires Microsoft Excel 2003 or later to be fully functional.
Free Trial Version Available

Hear what they are saying.....
"What a brilliant improvement you have made, it seems to be a lot easier to use and move around. Thank you for your time and help sorting me out. Kind Regards John."
"I've just transferred my round to it, and have to say impressed so far. Yes you can add your own logos to invoices, Stuart."
"Being able to organise the order of your jobs is a big plus for me so keep us up to date. If we have already purchased the previous version is there a discount for an upgrade?" YES!
"I'm very happy with the pre-release version and can't think of any things you could improve on! Chris."
Quick to use and extremely flexible, Round Tracker v4 is the best value for money software program for window cleaners you are likely to find. Watch the demo video and see why.

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