Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Gripeeze - Unique Glove

Stuart Walsh has developed a glove for patients with bad grip problems. It has helped window cleaners, and many people who can't move their fingers.
Widnes bricklayer transforms peoples' lives with his unique glove: A Widnes bricklayer has made dreams come true for paralysed patients, wounded soldiers and stroke victims who feared they would never play sport again. Stuart Walsh, aged 48, has invented a glove which locks your grip in place with a velcro strap. It has enabled a 29-year-old investment banker who broke his back after a fall to play golf, a young boy with multiple sclerosis to ride a bike and injured servicemen to use rowing machines in the gym.

He has adapted his idea to create elastic tube grips and fingerless mittens for people crippled with arthritis to do everyday tasks like brushing their hair, painting and gardening. Stuart sold his house to develop eight 'Gripeeze' products with his company Grip Aid Limited and has just achieved his biggest breakthrough - the chance to demonstrate them himself on the TV shopping channel QVC. He came up with the idea after injuring his own hand at work.

Stuart Walsh with some of his gloves.
Stuart, from Hough Green, said: "I had been on a jackhammer for two days and damaged tendons at the bottom of my finger. My hand swelled up like a ball and I couldn't bend my fingers. "I went to Widnes Market, got a wooly mitten and strapped my hand onto a trowel. It was simple and crude but it worked." He realised his invention could help others so he paid £28,000 for a patent and found a manufacturer in Pakistan to fine tune his designs.

He has an office in West Bank and now works with therapists in14 hospitals and Headley Court defence medical rehabilitation centre. Stuart added: "If people have a stroke or arthritis, this glove gives them an instant grip. They have got a usable hand back. It locks you onto that object. You can let go and the glove does all the work. It takes away the repetitive strain.

"I've had letters from people saying it has changed their lives, given them back their independence and dignity. "It is very satisfying to think that my little glove could have so many applications. It has helped window cleaners, fishermen and many people who can't move their fingers. "I've just done a screen test with QVC. They say when it goes out they could sell 1,000 a minute. It's incredible."
The Perfect Arthritis, Rehabilitation & Daily Living Aids: Gripeeze is a range of specially designed gloves, mittens and medical devices used to help those that suffer from conditions affecting the function of the hands. Manufactured by Grip Aid the Gripeeze range has proudly been approved by healthcare professionals for the rehabilitation of patients that have one of the numerous conditions that can affect the use of the hands.

The patented strapping design of all Gripeeze® products give you the ultimate hold and are purpose built for a variety of activities. For better comfort and durability we selected a variety of choice materials for our range so that you will find our devices comfortable, practical and easy to use with maximum results and minimum effort. 

Our devices, mittens and gloves are discrete and very simple to put on with minimal effort and without any discomfort. Gripeeze is the most affordable solution for a better quality of life for many people that have problems with using their hands and helping those people get back their independence.

For sufferers of arthritis which ever device, mitten or glove you choose you can be certain that you will immediately be relieved of any aching joints or strain from your hands, by simple applying the strapping making our products more popular amongst the elderly generation for use as a daily living aid.   

Problems Grip Aid gloves solve:
  • Helps to get people back to physical activity
  • Enhances grip control on a number of objects
  • Improves sports performance & general activity
  • Aids in rehabilitation & sports injury
  • Lessens the chances of long term injury
  • Combats RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)

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