Monday, 27 May 2013

AquaTap - A New WFP Controller

The AquaTap - will probably replace all existing methods of water control you have at the moment.
Peter Fogwill of AquaTec is on the verge of releasing a new AutoBrush (original AutoBrush here) to be named the AquaTap. An update on the new Aquatap: - The tooling has started and the Aquatap will be in full production & on sale by the end of July at the latest. It will be be available to buy widely in the UK & at WCR in the States. The buzz is on Peters forum here & will probably replace all existing methods of water control you have at the moment. Peter explains..

In a nutshell: "It's a simple device on top of the waterfed pole (before the angle joint) for water control weighing in at 2.5 ounces or 75 grams (75 grams feels like the same as a black plastic angle joint.)" "It fits on any pole in seconds, makes no difference if the hose is internal or external, makes no difference if the pole is telescopic, modular, or whatever." "It makes use of your own hose, your own brush, your own gooseneck or angle joint." "Controls water from a trickle to full blast as well as off and on." "A simple quarter turn on the bottom of the pole operates it." "No need to remove your hands from the pole, or even reposition a hand on the pole, or take your eyes off the brush." "It only takes seconds to fit." "Works as good with hot water as it does with cold." "Only one moving part, so very reliable." "You work the way you have always worked, with the equipment you have always worked with." "And for the unscrupulous among us Patent applied for."

Peter says, "there's been a delay due to me wondering which direction to take with it, however its full steam ahead now. Peter goes on to explain "it fits on any pole, with any brush." "1/4 turn to start the water, 1/4 turn to stop the water, and like a tap you may want anything in between." "This means no adapters are necessary & fits on to any pole in about the same time it takes to fit an angle joint," Peter says "it really is just plug and play." "The cost is another significant factor, and at around £35, it is priced to sell."

Peter explains how it works.. "The water passes in the top connector and when the valve is open passes down the tool and out the bottom connector." "When the valve is closed the water is held in the top part of the tool and not allowed to move down and out the bottom part." "The valve is opened and closed with a quarter turn, the brush being held against the window, and the bottom of the pole being turned" "The hose connections you see in the picture is for 4mm inside diameter hose, but they can be changed for any size of hose."

"Maybe this will help."  "Imagine just now you are holding the pole with your brush on the glass, you try and turn your pole a quarter turn and it won't move." " Now imagine putting the AquaTap on the top of the pole, it can turn a quarter turn, so now when you turn the pole the bottom of your pole will make a quarter turn, and when it does it turns the water on.""And when you turn it back a quarter turn it goes off again."  "If you hold the bottom and the top of the Aquatap it will turn and stop one way, then you can turn it back." "That turning back and forth is moving something inside the Aquatap that allows the water to pass through, or its stopped by passing through depending if its open or shut."

So it's pretty maintenance free?
"Yes there is only one moving part." "If you think of your household tap and how that works, it's much the same, and should be that reliable." "You turn the tap on water flows, you turn the tap off water stops." "You are doing the exact same thing with this except instead of turning a lever on the tap, you are turning the bottom of the pole." 
  • Takes seconds to fit
  • Variable flow control
  • Water control on/off by 1/4 turn of WFP
  • Lightweight, 2.5 ounces or 75 grams
  • No need to remove your hands from the pole
  • Only one moving part, so very reliable
  • Fits any pole
  • Any hose configuration (outside or in)
  • Can take hot/cold water
  • Safe operation, no need to take your hands off the WFP
Original video of the prototype below..


jouk45 said...

looking good nice one peter

jeff.brimble said...

just when you think theres nothing left to invent, along comes Peter with a game changing tool, I will buy three :-)

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