Thursday, 9 September 2010

Another Window Cleaning Robot - Windoro

But first - a remembrance of 9/11..

Window-cleaning robots and other household products: New household products including a coffee machine that remembers how you like your drinks and a robot that will clean your windows have been unveiled at consumer electronics and appliances trade show IFA 2010. The chore of cleaning windows could soon be a thing of the past with the "world's first automated window cleaner" - Windoro. Manufactured by Ilshim Global Co. - the robot can clean a square meter of windows in ten minutes. Windoro is equipped with bumpers in order to negotiate window frames and is programmed to return to its original location once its task is complete. IFA took place in Frankfurt September 3-8, other innovative household products will be exhibited at Grand Designs Live October 8-10 in Birmingham, UK.

Every year more and more stuff is automated, which first started with the fully automatic washing machine & now leads down the path of other administrative tasks that we no longer want to do because they are either boring or sometimes just very difficult. Wandering around the home appliances department at the IFA in Berlin was a 'window robot' ISG Micro seen here.

This ingenious device works on both sides of a window from the top where the window opens. The Windoro consists of two separate elements, one element contains the brushes and the other element works by four magnets that keeps 'Windoro' on the window. The Windoro only works on one side of the window at a time, so therefore cleaning must take place twice. The Windoro lasts for 60 minutes on one charge - & can be used after 180 minutes after it has been fully charged. There is 10ml per 1m2 detergent used and the brushing parts work at a rate of 20cm/sec.

When Windoro has finished cleaning the windows it goes back to the start position and can easily be removed. Frames are detected by means of pulse sensors and a remote control allows you to have conrol over the device. The people behind Windoro say the device is most applicable for large shop windows - the staff place the Windoro and one can then get on with over work. Also it is made for people who have hard to reach windows such as in a high apartment building.

After a brief demonstration - Harold put the question, "But what if you can't reach either side of the window, like you demonstrate here?" This problem has already been refuted by the seller as not a problem & there is a tool that allows you to put Windoro on a window with suction cups in the right place. We found here that this same company sees no problems & solutions do more.

What we did notice was that the newly cleaned window showed lines, this was caused by the use of rubber. This of course is currently being investigated and resolved before the market is conquered by Windoro! ...

(Editors note) Perhaps this could be in evidence here as the first 'Windoro' test took place. The rest of the videos show the Windoro in action in different parts of the world. Check out the Windoro site here.

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