Friday, 18 June 2010

The Fastest Woman Window Cleaner

A woman from Cornwall has reclaimed her title as the world's fastest female window cleaner. For some people window cleaning is right at the bottom of their list of things they enjoy doing, along with ironing! But for Debbie Morris from Hayle the task has become a big part of her life. Debbie Morris is so fast at window cleaning that she 'cleaned up' the competition, beating many men in the process. Debbie Morris is the world's fastest woman window cleaner. In a big competition she wiped four seconds off her own record. Debbie can clean three large windows in just 17 seconds! The famous George Formby song 'When I'm cleaning windows' jokes about the sights you can see when you're working on those panes of glass. Debbie admits she's seen some interesting sights but she's not giving anything away. In the meantime Debbie is preparing for her next big competition. Blink and you'll miss her as she cleans those windows in Hayle.

Watch more of Debbie below..

It seems the only contender in the womens category is Marianne Pettersson (below) From Sweden who in Reno, Nevada, USA at the IWCA convention this year, managed the incredible time of 15.7 seconds. But without an Guinness official it can't be entered in to the record books. Perhaps we'll see a head to head at next years Federation of Window Cleaners show?

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