Sunday, 20 June 2010

Aqua-Dapter: Water Fed Pole Control

AQUA-DAPTER water fed pole tap: The Aqua-dapter water fed pole tap has been developed over a long time to reach the standard it is now at. Its been designed to overcome existing problems, which it does. Aqua-dapter is simply fixed to the top section of your pole but is operated from the handle, this is done by pulling the hose to switch the water on an off, a very simple method where the tap can also be turned manually.
  • Triggers: These are good for water control ,but can be awkward to use, they also produce an irritating loop of hose which twists making waterfed poles difficult to extend, and causes a trip hazard!
  • Holsters: Because these are attached to your waist,that means your attached to your hose which feels very restrictive when you move around, you also get wet trousers!
  • Hose tail connector tap: These turn on/off the water, but if you want to turn water on/off between windows, the tap is out of reach!
AQUA-DAPTER TM. Solves these problems! Aqua-dapter comes in one size & it is designed to fit the top section of poles with the dia of 20-23.5 mm. Custom sizes can be made to order. It also comes with 6mtr of free aqua-dapter hose (there is a little extra cost for longer hose). The hose is a good quality tubing which stays consistent in both cold and hot conditions and has a low stretch, which is important to how the aqua-dapter operates.

AQUA-DAPTER water fed pole tap + 6mtr hose £60.00.
Extra hose add 85p per mtr. Spare hose available by the meter or 30mtr coils £25.00
Package & Posting £7.50

Another alternative: The Auto-Brush.

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Flair said...

Just launched a new website for Aqua-dapter, now you can view it in 3D detail and order the units online.

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