Saturday, 10 April 2010

Lone Worker Safety - Window Cleaners Saviour?

The latest lone-worker security pendant is more than just an alarm: it's a phone, too. The Cobs EXC, available from Call-Systems Technology, has all the features of a lone-worker alarm pendant, including a compact, lightweight, robust design and instant alarm activation. But it also lets staff communicate by voice, just like a DECT phone, which enhances safety and adds a whole new level of versatility to the pendant.

The EXC also features 'Easy Clean', an antimicrobial screen built into the unit's body. It kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, as well as destroying viruses. Easy Clean makes the pendant ideal for healthcare and other hygiene-sensitive sites that require protection from cross-contamination.

CST has developed a portfolio of lone-worker security alarms designed to deliver the best solution for every application. "No question, the new Cobs EXC is the most versatile alarm pendant on the market," says Bruce McNair, CST's sales director. "Together with a system such as the Cobs Alert package it delivers a flexible, wireless communications system that enhances alarm and message handling. "It's also the first pendant to offer protection from cross contamination, which will be a real benefit in, for example, hospitals and institutions."

The EXC comes with a variety of alarm types, including pull-cord, assault and non-movement, and offers exact position location, so lone-workers can instantly call for help, and support can quickly be at hand. It features two alarm buttons, offering a choice of alarm levels and functions.

As a two-way phone, the EXC offers high quality, full duplex sound. When called, it rings and flashes to alert the wearer. Weighing just 51g and measuring 73x59x25mm, the unit is waterproof and offers dust-protection under IP56. Supplied with a recharging base, the batteries will work in standby for up to 4 days and deliver up to 3 hours operation time.

The EXC is simple to use, easily administered and managed and can be integrated into a site's existing communications. CST offers a choice of complete communications packages including the Cobs Alert System and Cobs Messenger Server.


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