Thursday, 28 January 2010

Window Cleaning Robot, Green Cleaning + Other News

Robots to replace window cleaners on skyscrapers: Dubai: Dubai's skyline will see significant changes when Gekko III and CleanAnt get to work on the city's high-rise buildings. The two are cleaning robots, specialised in cleaning windows and building facades using the latest technologies developed in Switzerland by Serbot AG. "We are bringing this new technology to the UAE where we've seen a lot of potential, especially with the skyscrapers and various architectural designs which are very hard to clean using conventional methods," Bas Schmit Phiferons, Serbot's Business Development Manager, said. Gekko, a disk-shaped robot, has a cleaning capacity of up to 400 square metres/hour, which is fifteen times faster than manual cleaning. It uses vacuum power to attach itself to the surface to be cleaned whether vertical, horizontal or slanted. The robot then uses a windshield-wiper type of brush to blast away any kind of dirt, be it dust, mud or even oils, a residue of fuel burning from cars and jets.
"No detergent is needed for cleaning, which is an added environmental advantage. The robots can use dry ice, demineralised water or water with enzymes to eat away the oils. They also can filter and recycle the used material to minimise waste," Schmit Phiferons said. However, other building shapes require a different method, and this is where CleanAnt is used. Facade cleaning is difficult, expensive and dangerous. The CleanAnt does this work safe and reliable automatically or radio guided, vertical or overhanging areas are not a problem for both robot systems. CleanAnt also overcomes concave and convex areas and obstacles and can work in heavy traffic areas. Although cleaning of skyscrapers is the main field of application of CleanAnt, it can be used as inspection or repair tool for dams and bridges as well.

More states requiring 'green' cleaning products: More states are requiring schools and governments to use environmentally friendly cleaning products, raising debate about their costs and benefits. Ten states including Illinois and New York require or encourage use of "green" floor waxes, window cleaners and other products in schools. Similar bills are expected to be debated this year in at least five states. A plan advancing in the Wisconsin Legislature would require schools and state agencies to use cleaning and paper products certified as environmentally sound by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or one of several groups.
Supporters say such laws protect the environment and reduce the use of harsh chemicals that can hurt the health of workers and children. Critics worry about the cost.

Rockline’s regenerated cotton wipe wins award: Rockline Industries environmentally friendly Regenerated Cotton Wipe has been named the recipient of the prestigious 2010 Visionary Award presented recently at the VISION 2010 Consumer Products Conference in New Orleans. The Regenerated Cotton Wipe was selected over four other finalists by attendees at the ninth annual VISION Conference, which was held from January 20-22 at the Sheraton New Orleans Canal Street. The annual VISION Conference is organized by INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry. The substrate for the Regenerated Cotton Wipe is made from 100% biodegradable materials. The blend is 25% Lenzing Tencel and 75% cotton. The cotton is produced from the post-industrial waste from the manufacturing of T-shirts, and the recovery process to regenerate the cotton is energy and water friendly. One of the other four finalists were: The Ultimate Cloth, Advanced Cleaning Technologies ... The Ultimate Cloth is a streak-free window cleaner that cleans and polishes windows, mirrors, windshields and glass as well as many soft surfaces such as leather and vinyl.

Cleaning Corporation - keeping homes and businesses in pristine condition: The Halls are something of a unique feature in Mayo — a husband and wife team running a thriving family cleaning business since 1995, and mopping up a bucketful of accreditations along the way. This husband and wife team have no problem working together, as each has his/her own work remit. Both devise strategy, Lorraine deals with finance, accounts, and HR, and John devises contracts and quotations, ensures standards are upheld, meets clients, and carries out work when required. The company’s window cleaning division includes a number of Mayo hotels. The Halls invested around €20,000 in a top quality ‘reach and wash multi-filter reverse osmosis’ system that allows its workers to clean windows from ground level up to 65 feet high. In our ecologically conscious age, the Halls have been doing their bit for the planet by harvesting rainwater for its window cleaning, office, and domestic operations.

Budding entrepreneurs set to spring-clean Plett (South Africa): KWANOKUTHULA residents Welile ‘Weza’ Nqolo and Melikhaya ‘Elvis’ Jacobs had a dream… and then set out to make it happen! They sought advice, did their own market research, prepared a business plan and registered a close corporation. And last week, the joint owners of Nqolo Jacobs Trading Enterprise CC, or NJ for short, signed their first contract in Plett. They are confident that their cleaning service, which specialises in window cleaning and the clearing of refuse bins and surrounds, will provide Plett with a much needed professional service. As both partners have worked in the cleaning industry and share a combined experience of six years in this field, they are able to offer a range of other cleaning services if required. These two enterprising youngsters also have their own transport and start-up tools of the trade. Their vision is to provide a consistent, reliable and high quality service that will satisfy Plett residents, businesses, local government and homeowners. Currently the partners are the only active team members but they hope, as their business expands, to provide work opportunities to others. Their rates are very affordable and their enthusiasm infectious, so please give them the support they need as a new entrepreneurial enterprise. Phone Weza on 083 749 3507 or Elvis on 083 773 3439.

A Yorkshire firm has set up a new website to gather claims from former coal miners who believe that solicitors undersettled their original government compensation claims. Text on the website reads: ‘Calling all miners suffering from Vibration White Finger? Did you receive an award under the Vibration White Finger Compensation Scheme? Did your claim include damages for services – everyday tasks such as DIY, gardening, window cleaning, decorating or car maintenance? IF NOT you may be entitled to additional damages.’ Jordans offers a ‘no win, no fee’ service for potential claimants.

A man has been struck by lightning in Sydney's outer west and two people have been hospitalised as thunderstorms sweep across NSW. The Ambulance Service of NSW said a 37-year-old man was hit by lightning while doing the washing up near a window at a YMCA camp in Yarramundi at about 7.30pm (AEDT) tonight. Paramedics were treating the man, who was suffering neck and shoulder pain, and planned to take him to hospital. Emergency services were also called to a house in Springwood, in the NSW Blue Mountains, after it was struck by lightning at about 5pm. "It's come through the window, it hit the curtains and ignited them,'' a firefighter at the scene told media at the scene. Two people, including a man suffering smoke inhalation, were taken to Blue Mountains Hospital.

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