Friday, 27 February 2009

The Active Ion Cleaning Solution - Mobile Electrolysis

Set to revolutionize the cleaning industry, the Activeion Pro is safe because it contains no added chemicals of any kind. The only hand-held cleaner that does not carry a chemical-related health warning label, Activeion Pro uses activated water technology rather than harsh chemicals to clean, making it the safest option for cleaning professionals, the customers they serve, as well as the environment. Activeion Pro is a versatile cleaner ideal for use on glass, stainless steel, wood, stone and marble as well as carpet and clothing. In fact, it can replace many general-purpose chemical cleaners commonly used for these types of surfaces. The unit, which retails for $299, can help professional cleaning companies save considerable money each year by eliminating the need to purchase a variety of general-purpose, window, glass, and stainless steel cleaners.

Activeion transforms tap water into a powerful cleaner through a simple, three-step process: 1. Charging: When the trigger is pressed, the water flows through a water cell that applies a slight electrical charge to the tap water. 2. Transforming: Next, the water passes through an ion exchange membrane where the activated water is separated into an oxygenated mixture of positively and negatively charged nano-bubbles. 3. Cleaning: When applied, the transformed, activated water helps lift the dirt from the surface like a magnet, enabling it to be wiped away. The activated water returns to its natural state after 30-45 seconds.

From cleaning medical devices and computer chips to food processing plants, the technology to create water electrolysis has been around for more than 50 years. In the past, water electrolysis has created two streams of water – negative and positive – which could not be combined. With the introduction of the Activeion hand-held sprayer, however, this is the first time both streams have been combined to work together to produce a general-purpose cleaner. As always - click the pictures to enlarge & see previous blog - "The Green Solution To Replacing Toxic Chemicals."

Update: The nice man at Activeion Cleaning Solutions aka Todd Schaeffer sent me this in under an hour! -
On a full charge, the batteries have enough power to dispense more than 100 ounces (3+ liters) of activated water. That means on one charge you can refill the reservoir 6-8 times before the unit will need a new charge.
The water is activated in the head of the unit just prior to being discharged out the nozzle. When the trigger is pushed, the pump pulls the water from the reservoir up to the head of the unit. The water passes through the water cell just before it is discharged out the nozzle. After it is discharged out the nozzle, the water remains in the activated/charged state for 30-45 seconds. Our product provides activated water "on-demand."
The product is designed as a "spray and wipe" cleaner. Most cleaning applications that use spray bottles use a "spray and wipe" process. So,having the water active for 30-45 seconds after it is discharged from the unit is typically long enough.
Technically, when we apply the electricity to the water, the base chemistry of the water is altered. It stays in this "unstable" state for 30-45 seconds - this is when it takes on the behavior of a cleaning chemical.
Since all substances are always seeking their natural state, eventually the water chemistry returns to "normal" H2O. Does that help answer the question? If not, please feel free to call any time. Best Regards, Todd. Mobile: 612-708-9221Office: 866-950-4667


Anonymous said...

Had one: It stopped working after six months.

Dan Perry said...

I have one and just stopped working right after two year warranty expired.....Would be nice to be able to find parts needed but havent been able to do so. Part I need would be an easy fix...Pretty upset with this product now due to the above...Where can I find parts??????

Anonymous said...

My sprayer broke (Inside electrical ionator) right after two year warranty...Pretty Disappointed and Cant even find nor order correct part...would be easy fix...Where can I find parts for the Ionator EXP????? Again very disappointed!!!!!

Karl Robinson said...

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