Friday, 26 June 2009

The Carbo Clean Water Fed Pole

The Carbo Clean Pole Wash Systems from the Netherlands:

The Carbo Clean Pole is a strong and extremely low-weight cleaning pole, made of carbon, designed for telescopic glass and façade washing, up to a height of approx. 13.5 m. With the Carbo Clean Pole you can wash up to 4 floors without the use of a ladder. Having an ergonomic shape the pole has a handy grip. Due to the special shape it is easy to recognize the front and rear of the pole, so that the brush will always be correctly positioned to the face the glass.

The Carbo Clean Pole washing brush is no ordinary brush, but specially provided with a so-called window-sill brush. This windowsill brush is particularly intended for the cleaning of the protruding parts of an object. By choosing carbon as a base material, the Carbo Clean Pole has a lower weight and is stronger than other telescopic washing poles. Total length is 13.5 m. Consisting of 8 pole sections of 1.7 m. each, the Carbo Clean Pole weighs approx. 4 kg and has approx. 2 kg less weight than other poles available on the market.
The Carbo Clean Pole exists of separate sections of 1.7 m or 1.2 m., which can be put together by means of the fixing system (two conical parts). So, if you have to clean at a lower height, simply do not use all the sections, thus reducing the overall weight.

The Carbo Clean Pole exists of two conical parts sliding into one-another. A stainless steel spring clip in the lower part locks in a recess in the upper part. In order to release the two parts, push the spring clip at both sides of the Carbo Clean Pole. Now you can slide out both parts again.
You can easily store the separate poles into the special movable and collapsible Carbo Clean Pole cart.

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Mixed Bed Resin

When the pure water coming out of your DI bottle isn't as pure as it was or should be and it's time to replace the mixed bed resin, don't throw away the resin that's in the bottle.

If your water was originally going into the DI bottle at say 84 ppm (parts per million) and was coming out at 0 - 2 ppm but is now coming out at over 11 ppm then it's unlikely that your pure water cleaning system is leaving the windows you've cleaned, spot free.

By obtaining and using a new DI bottle and new mixed bed resin, you can continue to use your first DI bottle with the used resin still in it, as a pre-filter for your second DI bottle.

This means that with two DI bottles instead of one, the water that is still coming out of the first DI bottle with a reading of 11 ppm, is what is going into your second DI bottle with the new and unused mixed bed resin.

This second bottle is now only having to clean incoming water with impurities of 11 ppm instead of with the original 84 ppm.

This will result in your mixed bed resin in the second bottle lasting a whole lot longer than your original bottle lasted.

The savings in having to replace your mixed bed resin less often, will more than cover the cost of buying your second DI bottle.

When the water you're using starts to come out of the second DI bottle at around 11 ppm again, simply use that as your first bottle and replace the well spent mixed bed resin in your original bottle with new resin and use this DI bottle as your second filter.

This system will ensure that the bottle that your pure water is coming out of, always has water going into it at only around 11 ppm instead of 84 ppm.

Cheapest Mixed Bed Resin

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