Thursday, 20 March 2014

Window Cleaning Magazines

Window Cleaning Business Owner Issue 19, click the picture to take you there.
Window Cleaning Business Owner Issue 19 - Get it now here! Never a guy to shy away from the lens, Lee Burbidge gets skinned for issue 19 - Including "Confessions of a rainwater harvester." "Dressed for business." "Why save water?" "Golden Nuggets of business tips & advise." "Going social as a window cleaner," & much more.

WCBO, Issue 18. Click the picture to get it now!
Window Cleaning Business Owner 18 - Own it now! Your 2014 Map To Success - This edition is all about getting you on the road to riches in 2014. How do you do it? What steps have you taken? It's all about getting everything in order for the big rush & coming season. Do you have everything planned? Employees? Hiring? Do you have a marketing calender? Have you planned your service offerings or your operating budget? How about tools? Is your vehicle ready to go? Have you analysed your pricing structure & put together your safety calender? All this & more in this months WCBO (Window Cleaning Business Owner magazine). Did you get caught out in 2013 with your pants down? WCBO tracked & highlighted your endeavors during 2013 with Issue 17 so that you could go & make 2014 the best.

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