Friday, 14 March 2014

Robinson-Solutions Finishes Off Mole & Jersey

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The Mole and Jersey Show Episode 18. Season Ender - Guest host... Me! Really! I think Michael & I talked for around an hour, but for your viewing pleasure it was cut down to around 8 min's before your eyes glaze over. The interview actually missed the deadline for the last show. It just happens that after the interview Michael decided to call it a day! Was it something I said? ....the guys are taking a small break for a few weeks & will be back in April. Own a small business? Are you a pressure washer? Maybe you are starting or own a pressure washing company. Well sit back, watch the last episode in this series or here on YouTube, and learn...

The Segments:

4:40 Marketing Madness...Bait & Switch
11:05 Jerseys Junk.. AquaTap
16:45 The Chop Chop... Some guy in Spain
24:45 Fail of the week
28:48 Top 5...... Alex's top 5 & others

Wagtail & Aquatap get a mention as well.

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