Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Australian Window Cleaners Get Eyeful

Sophie Monk flashes Australian window cleaners who get an eyeful in a 2DayFM stunt.
Yesterday she posed as a parking inspector to give out cash to unsuspecting drivers. Today, she's flashing window cleaners. Sophie Monk's certainly doing everything she can to lift the ratings over at 2DayFM's breakfast show. A day after the first radio ratings survey for 2014 revealed that the new-look 2DayFM breakfast team had shed more than half its listeners as Kyle and Jackie O fans followed them over to KIIS FM, it seems Monk's happy to flash a bit of flesh to drum up interest in the show.

In a video released today on the 2DayFM YouTube channel, Monk is shown goofing around in the office with co-host Merrick Watts - before giving a couple of window cleaners a bit of a show. Monk has now let us in on what she was up to, blaming her stunt on 'office cabin fever'. Hey lady, we've all been there. "To be honest I was just playing with my gay BFF, who is the cameraman in the office. I had the ugliest bra on, so it wasn't even sexy for the window cleaners."

) Monk has flashed her breasts to unsuspecting window cleaners in a bid to attract listeners to their 2Day FM breakfast show. With their ratings taking a big dive and former DJs Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O getting the lion share, the actress and her fellow DJs have to take extreme measures to lure listeners back. On Wednesday, Monk, 34, proved that she was willing to do whatever it takes to get listeners to listen to their show. In a video posted on YouTube, Sophie is seen wearing a helmet while playing ball with co-host Merrick Watts in an office building. After a while, though, she has transferred her attention to the window cleaners outside, saying she would scare them off. “I can see up your pants,” she shouted to one of the cleaners.

But standing behind the window and with a helmet on, the cleaner didn’t seem to hear her. Unfazed, she tried again by twerking for them, and upped the stakes by baring her breasts. She repeated the strip show after taking off her helmet, and that’s when she finally got a thumbs up from one of the cleaners. As entertaining as her flesh exposure was, it wasn’t enough to boost their ratings. Radio ratings figures show that Sandilands and Jackie O took 9.3% of the breakfast market share, equal WSFM’s “Jonesy & Amanda in the Morning.” Her show with Watts, Jules Lund, and Mel B, meanwhile, dropped to 3.8%. Monk and her co-presenters took over the show in January after the titular DJs of the “Kyle and Jackie O” show transferred to Australian Radio Network’s KIIS 1065 FM.

Frosted glass stopped window cleaners peeping.
Coronation Street: Female changing room window frosted over to stop Peeping-Toms! - The dressing room of some of Coronation Street’s hottest female cast members has been frosted over to prevent Peeping Toms from getting a cheap thrill! Michelle Keegan who plays Tina McIntyre, Brooke Vincent who plays Sophie Webster, Georgia May Foote who plays Katy Armstrong and Catherine Tyldesley who plays Eva Price were all thrilled to be given the only dressing room with a window at the shows new Media City UK, Salford Quay set when they all moved there earlier this year.

However, it would seem that maintenance men were particularly OCD when it came to keeping the window clean, as they have been reported by the girls as constantly washing it! This prompted bosses at the show to have the pane of glass, which provides light (and pretty good views) from floor to ceiling, frosted like a bathroom window to keep the girls dignity intact. Still, if these window cleaners are as dedicated and thorough as this report suggests, we don’t think it will be long till they have managed to even out the frosting with their tireless scrubbing.

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