Friday, 28 March 2014

Break Some Glass - Smashing Weekend

Break some glass this weekend.
Break some glass & have a smashing weekend: 'Smash Hit' for iOS and Android turns the act of destruction into art. This app' will relieve stress for window cleaners everywhere. Breaking that glass that you've cleaned all day & hearing a satisfying sound of glass shattering as you do so, this is one of the newest app's out there. Free to play or pay to save your progress. Enjoy!

Some people can't get enough of endless runners. The concept of chasing a carrot on a stick and collecting tons of miniature carrots along the way has its own allure, but there's no denying that the same concept is often used over and over to the point of boredom. Smash Hit [Free] turns the runner concept on its head with a first-person perspective, beautiful graphics centered around objects made of glass, and a completely fair free-to-play system that actually works. You could say it's a... smash hit. The game's core concept merely takes a few moments to grasp -- you're barreling down a long series of tunnels, and your only method of attack is to touch a certain area of the screen to throw a marble.

Where Smash Hit succeeds is the fact that it takes this simple, yet effective control scheme and delivers an enchanting world that you'll actually want to run through. All you need to do is tap a certain area to "arc" a marble toss, and you'll be able to pick up the game's physics system in no time. Different segments constantly mix up your expectations, as DNA-styled glass obstacles, glass doors, and moving objects dot the landscape, seeking to drop your life count. Almost everything can be destroyed, but you don't necessarily want to throw all your marbles out willy-nilly, as you'll need to conserve them to survive.

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