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Unger Interviews Mark Munro

Mark Munro (right) receives the 50 year Unger squeegee from Matt Hodgkins, sales & marketing Unger.
The WCP Cleaning Tradeshow: Today clean Magazine is talking to Mark Munro, the proprietor of the Munro Exterior Cleaning Services in Dorset with over 30 years of experience in the industry, and the driving force behind the UK’s unique event for professional window cleaners – The WCP Cleaning Tradeshow.

Please tell us about the WCP Cleaning Tradeshow – what has prompted you to organise this event, what challenges you faced and how has it changed since the beginning?
The WCP cleaning trade show was set up in 2014.  I wanted to bring different elements of the industry to the UK South West as a show.  This proved to be successful and as a result our third show will be in a bigger venue and located more centrally to enable more customers to attend from all over the UK.  The main challenge initially was finding the right contacts within the industry and persuading them to attend the show.  Fortunately the first show was well attended and now after the second show suppliers know what to expect and are supporting our third show in September.

What can visitors expect to see at the show this year?
Our 2016 show is twice the size of that in 2015 and, having spoken to suppliers, lots of new products will be available to view and discuss.

Professional window cleaners take a lot of pride in their skill – have you planned any competitions for them?
Watch this space.

It must have been a huge learning curve for you to organise a tradeshow – what were your personal highlights and most memorable moments?
My personal highlights of organising the shows is hearing the positive comments from suppliers and customers who have enjoyed visiting the show, meeting people within the industry and gaining new friends.

How can professional window cleaners worldwide stay informed about your event in the future?
To stay informed in the future customers can follow the busiest Facebook window cleaning pages in the world (The Window Cleaning Page, Window Cleaning Page UK and Worldwide Window Cleaning Page) as well as Twitter, Forums and, of course, the show website. Suppliers are also kindly advertising the show on their own websites.

With your wealth of experience in the industry, do you have any advice for the new starters in professional window cleaning?
I would advise anyone starting to try and find someone locally to work with for a day to see what equipment you will need, which poles and squeegees suit you best or try and come to the show and speak with fellow window cleaners.

Unger UK on the WCP Cleaning Show
We have enjoyed being part of this fantastic event since its very beginning in 2014. Known back then as the Van Festival, the show created an exclusive opportunity for professional window cleaners and their families from all over the country to get together for a great day out, with friendly atmosphere, good deals from all major brands and plenty to see and do.

Thanks to Mark’s passion and hard work, the WCP Cleaning Show has become a real highlight of the year for the industry – we wish Mark and his supports the best of luck for the 2016 event!

Our team are already preparing for the day with special offers planned on the best-selling Unger products, lots of free product samples and a prize draw for the Stingray Kit worth over £230 – with its no mess and no drips design, it’s perfect for conservatory roofs, Velux windows and skylights up to 4 m (13 ft) high.

Of course, we will also be showing our award–winning HydroPower DI Filters and the nLite Water Fed Pole system, including the new nLite One range of compact poles, ideally suited for transportation in smaller vehicle and great for ground level work too!

So, make sure to come and see us on the day and if you can, come early – we have a special giveaway planned for the first 100 visitors!

The WCP Cleaning Tradeshow
10 September 2016
Billing Aquadrome
Crow Lane, Great Billing, NN3 9DA Northampton, Northamptonshire

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