Wednesday, 27 July 2016

More industry events!

You already know about the HUGE convention and what a tremendous opportunity it is to network, learn and grow your business. If you haven't heard about it click here to get in the know. It will be filled with the industry's best classes and seminars as well as a killer tradeshow.

There are a few other industry events in the area you may want to check out. Check out a general synopsis here or read about the most anticipated events below:

1. Jack Kramers Famous Pressure Washing Class
Whether you are new to the pressure washing or roof cleaning industry, want help with cleaning more efficiently, or have employees in need of training, Jack Kramer’s pressure washing class is essential. The class will be on August 11 in National Harbor, Maryland, right before the convention. 

Participants will learn:
• What equipment will best fit your needs – including pressure washers (both hot and cold), GPM, PSI, unloaders, guns, hoses, nozzles, chemical applicators, tanks, and much more
• How to work safely and efficiently
• How to price your job for profit
• Proven methods for washing houses, roofing, and commercial properties– and more! 

2. Jeff Scotts High Rise and Safety Class
Jeff Scott of Safety Green Training will offer a High Rise Rope Access / RDS Training class on August 10 through 11 in National Harbor, Maryland, right before the kickoff of the Huge Convention. It will include two full days of training starting at 8 a.m. 

Day one is in the classroom training and will cover the following:
• Management of Safety Equipment in Industry.
• Defining differences and needs for Qualified, Competent, and Authorized Persons.
• Equipment familiarization and inspection for Harnesses, Helmets, Descenders, Fall Arrest Rope Grabs, lanyards and Energy Absorbers, Carabiners, Ropes.
• Fall Factors.
• Personal Fall Protection to include Fall Restraint, Fall Arrest, Work Positioning, Rope Access.
• Knots to include: Figure of 8 on a bight, Figure of 8 Follow Through, Figure of 9 on a bight, Alpine Butterfly, Double Figure of 8 on a bight, Double Fisherman, and Barrel Knot.
• When to use each and how much each weakens the rope.
• Legislation
• Job Hazard Analysis & Work Plans.

• Rigging & Rigging Theory.

Day two provides hands-on training and will cover the following:
• Properly donning your equipment.
• Rigging.
• Mitigating Pinch points and how to properly access your Seat Board.
• Standard Work Procedure and Motion.
• Self Rescue.

• Pick off Rescue of an incapacitated worker.

Please note that a general admission convention ticket does not include these separate off-site events. But these events do come highly recommended as reputable and worth while.

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