Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Survey For 1-14 Standard IWCA

A short survey for US based window cleaners.
I-14 Standard: Why It's Important - The I-14 Committee scope is identifying accepted safe practices for window cleaning and the purpose of the standard is to provide safety to window cleaners and to others such as a passerby, where window cleaning operations are in progress, by specifying equipment with practical and adequate safety factors and features and requiring the safe use, design and maintenance of such equipment. Click here to go to survey.

IWCA I-14 Standard Survey: Please note, this survey is being sent to window cleaning professionals within the IWCA database of all affiliations. Please submit feedback regarding the International Window Cleaning Association's I-14.1-2001 Window Cleaning Safety Standard (I-14 Standard).

The IWCA 1-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety Standard is divided into two parts, which are intended to serve as a guide for window cleaners, regulatory agencies, manufacturers, architects, consultants, designers and building owners. Part A focuses on safety guidelines for the use of window cleaning access equipment. Part B is geared toward those who manufacture, distribute, design, install or maintain the equipment. $50

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