Thursday, 14 July 2016

Unexploded Bucket

Window cleaner, Robin Baxter with his "unexploded" bucket.
Road blocked as police investigate Lichfield window cleaner's 'unexploded' bucket: It was a case of 'Danger Unexploded Bucket' in Lichfield this week when police blocked off Tamworth Street to investigate an item which had been left unattended.

Window cleaner Robin Baxter of Complete Panes had nipped into the Acorn public house at around 10.45am on Tuesday for a coffee leaving his bucket outside the BetFred shop. When he came out he was told that the police had been to check the item and blocked Tamworth Street off at the entrance to the pedestrianised zone with a patrol car to prevent access.

"I can understand why they did it but it is obviously a bucket," said Robin. "I can see the funny side but the police have a job to do. "Because of the climate, people are having to look out for unattended items."

Obviously a bomb! 

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