Monday, 11 July 2016

Fun Monday: Someone Actually Made A Skateboard Out Of Glass

Avenue Trucks made this beautiful glass skateboard. Commissioned, tested & tried out by Braille Skateboarding. Wouldn't this be cool if you were a 20 something window cleaner? Or on the wall in your window cleaning HQ?
Someone Actually Made A Skateboard Out Of Glass: Ever wonder why skateboards are generally made of wood and not out of other material? We’re sure that having a matte black aluminum skateboard would look pretty awesome, but there’s a reason why wood is the only choice. This is because wood is strong and flexible to a certain extent, meaning that when you’re landing on your board, it will be able to take your weight.

However it seems that YouTubers Braille Skateboarding has decided that wood is no longer cool, and have actually went ahead and commissioned a skateboard made entirely out of glass. The skateboard was made by Avenue Trucks and while we have to admit it looks pretty cool and sleek, let’s just say that the video did not have a very happy ending.

Now we know that glass is strong, like the glass used on our phones, or the glass used for window panes in high-rise buildings, but safe to say that they weren’t constructed for the use of skateboards. At the start, the glass skateboard appears to hold up pretty well. It managed to make it up and down some ramps, but once tricks were attempted, let’s just say that the results were pretty obvious. This is obviously dangerous so don’t try this at home. Instead if you have some time to spare, you can watch the folks at Braille Skateboarding attempt it themselves. 

Checkout the plexiglass skateboard here.

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