Thursday, 8 October 2015

Too Fat To Work

Mr Beer's hospitalisation comes just weeks after he was spotted cleaning windows at a takeaway in Plymouth. He previously had four years of unemployment after giving up his job at a cleaning company following a stroke.
Plymouth's 'too fat to work' star recovering after stroke: A Plymouth man who claimed he was too fat to work is off sick from his new job as a window cleaner following a mini stroke. Stephen Beer, the 45-year-old and his wife Michelle, 43, became notorious after they appeared in a TV documentary which featured their £3,000 taxpayer-funded wedding.

The couple managed to shed a whopping 13 stone between them after working out six days a week with Fat-Off-Fit-On fitness gurus Paul Saunders and Mel Loader n East Sussex, and in Plymouth.
Stephen tipped the scales at 31 stone and had not worked since 2011 after being signed off with obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. The dad-of-six who ran his own cleaning firm also suffered two strokes and claimed he needed carers to help him walk. After finding fame the pair went on a diet and fitness regime which saw Stephen lose 11-and-a-half stone and his wife shed five stone.

Four weeks ago Stephen was spotted cleaning windows at a takeaway in Plymouth. But today it emerged he was off sick from work again after suffering another stroke. His wife Michelle, who went from 21 stone to 15 stone, said he was "not well but improving."

The couple used their benefit money to pay for a £3,000 wedding but were so large they were unable to consummate their marriage. However, after losing weight, they were able to make love for the first time.
The couple appeared on Channel 5's 'Benefits: To Fat to Work' in January and sparked outrage when it emerged their wedding was funded by their benefits. Stephen once aspired to be a professional footballer but after leaving school he studied a qualification in care work and went on to work in various care homes.

Since losing weight Stephen - who has been married five time before - has applied for numerous jobs but moaned about being constantly turned down. Before getting hired as a window cleaner, he said: "I've applied for several jobs but got emails back saying I didn't get the job. One person said it was because I was media interest.

"I would be willing to do anything and I would work anywhere. I'm trying to sort my life out by losing weight and sorting out other areas of my life. "At the end of the day it's been going on for too long. The trouble is all these people shouting their mouths off at me - why don't they come up and give me a job then."

Morbidly-obese Stephen Beer, 45, who hit headlines with his wife Michelle, 43, (together above) when they claimed they were 'too fat to work', has reportedly suffered a mini stroke at his home in Plymouth, Devon. Michelle and Steve Beer became national hate figures earlier this year after appearing on Channel 5 documentary 'Too Fat To Work', in which they claimed they spent much of their £2,000 benefits on takeaways.

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