Friday, 2 October 2015

Soccer Folded His Window Cleaning Business

Stuart Parsons a window cleaner saw his window cleaning business fold, during a football match.
Victim of sickening tackle, a window cleaner said his 'life has been ruined' by assault that saw player jailed: The victim of a sickening tackle that saw a footballer jailed has said his ‘life has been ruined’ by the assault. Talking about his ordeal after the case, Stuart Parson said he has lost his livelihood as well as his favourite hobby. “It’s just been a horrible year. It’s taken me months to get anywhere near back to normal. “I’ve felt like a one-year-old again learning to walk. And still know I can barely run and I walk with a bit of limp.

As soon as it happened I knew it was really bad. “I could hear the breaking noise straight away. After that I was just in complete agony. “I turned to my mate and said ‘what am I going to do now.’ “I just didn’t know how I was going to provide for my kids?’ “When I was in hospital and I looked down at it, all sorts was going through my head. I didn’t know if I might lose my leg. “I’ve never met the man before, I just don’t know why you’d want to hurt someone that badly. All because he got a bit wound up, it’s ridiculous.”

Injuries suffered by window cleaner Stuart Parsons, 30 after a horror tackle by Nathaniel Kerr who has now been jailed for a year. Stuart, who lives with his fiancée and two sons, aged 10 and two, in Offerton, Stockport, has seen his window cleaning business fold as he is unable to climb ladders.
Stuart, who lives with his fiancée and two sons, aged 10 and two, in Offerton, Stockport, has seen his window cleaning business fold as he is unable to climb ladders and he is now going to have a to forge a new career for himself.

And he says he is glad the court have sent out a strong message with the stiff sentence. Reacting to Kerr’s (pictured right) year long jail term he said: “I’m really pleased. “I thought I was just going to have to forget about it and try and move on straight afterwards. “And it was only when my sister saw me in hospital and said she was going to ring the police that I started to think about it in that way. At the end of the day just because it’s happened on a football pitch doesn’t excuse it. “You wouldn’t get away with it anywhere else. “I hope he’s banned as well when he does eventually get out of prison.”

Investigating officer PC Louise Spencer said: “This injury has had a catastrophic effect on Stuart’s life, meaning he has been unable to work or support his young family. “He is self-employed and the injury meant he was forced to rely on the kindness of his teammates, who arranged fundraisers and charity events to provide the financial support he needed. “All the while Kerr has shown absolutely no remorse for his vicious attack, calling the victim a wimp and verbally abusing him as he was lying in agony on the pitch. “The subsequent investigation and conviction into this assault demonstrates that this kind of aggression and thuggery during sporting fixtures will not be tolerated by Greater Manchester Police.”

Stuart Parsons outside Minshulle Street court after a successful prosecution was brought against the footballer who broke his leg. The injury means Parsons will likely never play soccer again and his window cleaning business folded in the aftermath.

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